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TyrUtils V0.5
It's been a long time, but finally I have something worth releasing, so here is version 0.5 of my map utils package:

* light and vis both now multithreaded on Unix and Windows platforms
* vis now writes a state file every 5 minutes so it can resume if needed
* qbsp and vis now support a form of detail brushes, similar to Quake 2. See qbsp.txt for further details.
* added a small optimisation to vis for a minor speedup (usually only 1-2%)
* build system re-written and lots of cleanups all over the code

Please test, break and report bugs as needed :)

* Announcement
* Utils Home Page
* Download: Windows, Mac OS X, source

My website has also had an update - let me know if I broke anything and hopefully the comments function also works.
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Sure, I Can Make One 
Will send it sometime today. 
Looks like I won't have time today. I should be able to set up a few test maps easily enough Monday though. 
Oh That Makes Sense.. 
The small map I got to compile didn't have any liquid brushes.

The two larger maps I tried both gave errors on liquid brushes that were clipped at angles in the corners.

Wierd... I wonder what would have broken that support. 
Oh And Also 
Rectangular liquid brushes that get tjunc-ed such that they result in more than 4 sides (square/rect) volumes don't work either, although it seems kind of random from my few trials. Hard to make out what is going on when there is such complicated geometry clipping with this one large liquid brush.

I'd look into it but I'm busy this weekend. 
No problem, I've had very little time for this the last couple of weeks anyway. Will be away this weekend too, hopefully back to normal later next week. 
No Home PC 
For me.

Not sure if this has already been requested, but a few people have been experimenting with GI solutions recently, starting with slapmap.

I know you mentioned implementing _sunlight before, how about making adding a new field as well _suns / _suns2 which would add additional lights in a distributed pattern to create the GI effect?

I haven't experimented with it properly yet, but it'd be pretty cool to have it at base level in the tools. 
_sunlight is of course already there, but I will be adding _sunlight2/3 to emulate the bjp tools behaviour and I expect I'll add another mode where the light sources are more evenly spread. 
Do you still need the test maps? Not in the office today.... 
what does light.exe warning: no model has face xxxxx try to tell me?
seeing no drawbacks, just curious.
maybe Alpha func_walls? 
Light checks the face number against the surface start/end numbers in the bsp submodels to determine which model it belongs to. I think metlslime's newskip tool changes the start/end numbers of the models when removing skip surfaces but doesn't actually remove the faces from the bsp.

In that case it's harmless, but if you're not using newskip, I'd be curious to know how you got this error. 
using rebbs jury rigged tools, which support skip removal. 
Ok, I suppose I don't need to warn about that. It's just unused data that was left in the bsp file after skip removal. 
can i d/l the latest Version of your utils?
the ones On your site dont seems to reckon -addmin and -soft1 switches.
just got a new machine, trying to Set up from zero, but cant get my old cmdline to run. 
It seems that targeting a light at an info_notnull crashes the light util.

Can't be sure of this just yet though, need to experiment some more. 
Scratch That 
Whatever I've done it wasn't the spotlights - deleting has no effect on the crash. 
Fixed It, 
totally different cause.... 
It seems I've got the same crash as mentioned by Qmaster - tjunc, related to liquid volumes. 
@ijed: thanks for the test case, hoping to get back to some coding this weekend. 
The test is pretty messy though. I've been a worldcraft user for many years and there's a lot of things that it blinkers the user to that other editors don't.

So it's full of misaligned brushes and floating points. Other habits, like using the CZG Curve system blew up in my face and those sections I'll have to replace.

I usually have a new version per 24 hours, so can keep on throwing stuff at you once you're back into the swing of things. 
Tjunc Fix 
@ijed: Try this new snapshot. Fixes the tjunc crash for me. 

Will try it out tomorrow. 
BUG!!!!!! TyrUtils Qbsp.exe Version 0.10 
---- LoadMapFile ----
************ ERROR ************
line 5: Token too large

The text describing the location of my 5 different wad files takes 290 characters. I'm assuming that the limit is 256. Kinda limiting really. What if my name was like 40 characters? What if I had the wad files buried 6 or 7 folders deep for organization?

It would be nice if the limit was increased for the line starting with "wad". 
use relative paths. 
Same With 0.10-14 Snapshot 
@Qmaster: increased limit to 1024 
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