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Jury-Rigged BJP Tools
These are essentially modified versions of TxQBSP and WVis with a few features added, the main ones being :

- improved skip support ( courtesy of mh & Baker )
- detail- and hint-brush support

The detail and hint code is largely ported from Alexander Malmberg's Quest Editor compilers, so full credit goes to him.

Coincidence and feature overlap with the newly released TyrUtils v0.5 can only be seen as a sign of the elder gods, and hopefully it helps
making those features more of a standard.

Tests so far have not shown any obvious problems with these new features, but i'm still inclined to call them experimental until proven
otherwise ;).

Please report problems as needed.

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not a win32 application 
Strange, the target definitely isn't 64Bit.

@negke : You're on XP too i suppose ?

@slapmap : If you're up for it, could you send me an eMail to the one mentioned in the readme.txt ? That would be great. Otherwise i'll just ask/force negke. 
Thanks for reporting this one, guys - i'm on Win7 and just assumed compiling would work fine for WinXP as well - turns out the compiler had to be updated first to support that - oh well.

The main package in the first thread is updated now. 
Greatest Tools Ever, 
supporting all the goods
shame it didnt get the attention it deserves.
thank you rebb! 
Can't Download 
Hey, the file says that it is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous. any way to fix this? 
Yeah, use a browser that let's you embrace the non-mainstream hipster downloader in you. Or disable the malware that showed you the message. 
Fixed the problem, I disabled the detection system. 
A Wild Update Appears 
Main changes ( see readme for details ) :
- BSP2 support
- additional HOM countermeasures
- assorted fixes

It's now hosted on a dedicated page instead of being a monolithic file download.

Internet Link  
Oh And 
Many thanks to everyone who helped testing and provided feedback so far ! 
Which BSP2 Is It? 
Is it RMQ's BSP2 format (known as 2psb, or BSP29a) or the other BSP2 format? 
It's BSP2, Not 2PSB 
Floating point bounds etc. 
And thank you very much! 
here is a patch for txqbsp in bjptools_xt_290914 to support some of the tyrutils-ericw light keys on func_detail/func_group, notably phong shading.

It's ugly for qbsp to have to read these, but there's no other way to support keys on func_detail/func_group. 
is _phong key supported on all func_* ents? 
func_detail and func_group require a supporting qbsp, other func_* work with any qbsp.

just to be clear the phong support is in tyrutils-ericw light, available in post #420 here 
I See 
thx for the answer, i know the light does the phong. the jury rigged tools are more reliable for me in the end, makes fewer errors and leaks. this is a great news! thank you 
the modified tools eric posted write a file which the light.exe reads to compute its _phong magic.

The bounce parms are set on the lights / worldspawn light itself. 
External bmodels compiled with the 290914 stable build or 030215 test build are rejected by DarkPlaces with this error: "Host_Error: Mod_Q1BSP_RecursiveNodePortals: corrupt node hierarchy"

The 040814 stable build doesn't have this issue.

To reproduce, save this as quake/bmodeltest/maps/, compile, and start e1m1 under the bmodeltest gamedir.

"classname" "worldspawn"
"wad" "Q.wad"
( -32 -32 -48 ) ( -32 -31 -48 ) ( -32 -32 -47 ) basebutn3 -0 -0 -0 1 1
( 32 96 -16 ) ( 32 96 -15 ) ( 32 97 -16 ) basebutn3 -0 -0 -0 1 1
( -32 -32 -48 ) ( -32 -32 -47 ) ( -31 -32 -48 ) basebutn3 -0 -0 -0 1 1
( 96 32 -16 ) ( 97 32 -16 ) ( 96 32 -15 ) basebutn3 -0 -0 -0 1 1
( 96 96 32 ) ( 96 97 32 ) ( 97 96 32 ) basebutn3 -0 -0 -0 1 1
( -32 -32 -32 ) ( -31 -32 -32 ) ( -32 -31 -32 ) basebutn3 -0 -0 -0 1 1
Helping yourself to anything in particular ?
The -nofillinside switch should do it in this case .. 
that seems to do the trick.

This came up in testing AD on DarkPlaces; the breakable rubble bits are external bmodels.

Helping yourself to anything in particular ?
Are you referring to my tyrutils fork? No, I'm not planning to borrow more txqbsp-xt features (or do further work on that qbsp in general.) Sorry if I misunderstood your question? 
Updated Phong Shading Patched Bjptools_xt_290914 
The build I posted in #27 would crash on maps with rotators (or maybe just rotators with phong applied, I forget.) Here is an update: 

Seems like we have a new contestant in the "who's been anonymously trolling func" pool... 
Poor Bengt 
His compilers were the ones I used for years and I found them more reliable than Tyrann's for the longest time. I still miss the estimated time left countdown. Thanks Jardrup wherever you are! 
Absolutely unnecessary bump just to satisfy your own self-masturbatory need for drama. It's certainly not rebb trolling here; by the looks of it more likely some 4chan goons following you here.

The BJP tools were always superior to the Tyr version, and even more so with these XT additions. Except everybody seemed eager to jump on the bandwagon to praise Tyrann's newer version for the name sake alone which this release coincidentally overlapped with.
It is only now that ericw has stepped in to work on the Tyrutils that they've became considerably better, and still not in every respect, for example the very different clipnodes generation. 
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