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NIGHT WORK At The FACTORY (Kingpin Campaign)
You're hired for a short mission. Apparently not too difficult.
But things won't unfold as expected...

* An add-on for KINGPIN the famous FPS.
* With a real scenario and many cutscenes.
* With a lot of new materials, textures, dialogs and original musics.
* With puzzles, platforms and intense fights.

Some development info:
Woah kingpin!

also, slow server and 169mb download, just warning you. screenshots look cool. 
Still Loving Those Textures! 
Looks nice! Shame I've never owned Kingpin :P 
Holy crap, Kingpin, what the fuck :D
Need to get my hands on a copy again... 
Oh man that looks sweet. 
Not Bad At All 
So I've been playing this, and I reached chapter 5. So far it's really cool and visually impressive. I'm not that sold on the 'puzzles' though, namely one at the beginning of chapter 3 that requires mindless mash of the use key until you find a specific door you'd think is part of the scenery.

Oh yeah and it's also pretty hard. 
Oh Hell Yes! 
Love the Kingpin! This is awesome. 
Kingpin? Still Got My Copy ! 
good news for me! I'm a retrogaming buddy owning almost all those great games.. Kingpin, Wheeloftime, (ehm)Daikatana, Hexen2, Blood2, blah blah..

Indeed the years from 1996 to 2001/2002 were the shit! The Golden Age of videogames with the rise of new technologies such cd-roms, 3dcard,.. 
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