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Quake Documentation Project
Quaketree brought up the idea that the community needs to rescue / dig out the information from this forum and other sources and store it in one accessible place.

Others chimed in and most agree that this place should be a wiki. Spirit has suggested Quaddicted, and I personally agree that it's the right place for such a project, but the Wiki over there seems to be limited. Others (Willem, me) have also volunteered to set up such a Wiki.

Let's discuss this idea further in this thread. I think it would be a fantastic thing to have a community Wiki for Quake level design.

UPDATE: there is now a URL:
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Still Haven't Setup Mail, Not Sure What Is Broken About It Anyways 
Updated and

tell me or update them if you have different ones 
Holy Procrastination 
Mails should work now for notifications, password resets etc. 
Someone should compare the word count in this thread with the word count of new stuff added to the wiki (excluding Scampewpew's mapping guide). 
Does anyone want to take over administring the Wiki? It has some trouble with the sqlite database being locked by some maintenance jobs (don't ask me, crazy software...) which is why it often infinitely loads... The site is inside a openvz container so I could give you shell access to that. 
What Has To Be Done 
and how often? 
The big problem is figuring out what is wrong with it. I have no idea how and where to look in mediawiki. Their IRC was of no help. I spent some time today trying to figure it out but no luck.

Afterwards it would be nothing I could not automate or handle myself.

Alternatively the solution would be to just re-install the whole thing and use mariadb instead of sqlite... 
If you allow me to move it to my server, I could give it a shot. We can set up mirroring to your machine for backup and archiving.

Also, I'd much prefer using mysql as the underlying DB. 
mariadb is mysql but with extra features and fixes. it's essentially the same, you can even connect to it with mysql drivers. 
Runs Well Now I Think, I Disabled Automatic Maintenance Jobs 
Procrastinating with some house cleaning: I deleted lots of useless redirects and found some duplicate pages:

Anyone wanna merge into

What about and ?

There are lots of duplicates of QC functions from confusion about the case.

vs the sometimes a bit more wordy

I already merged some of the Firstletteruppercase ones into necros' but if someone wants to join in, please do. I am working bottom up. 
These Are Remaining 
Renewed The Domain For The Next Year 
Kind of surprised to see how many articles haven't been written. 
yeah, i went on there for a couple of entity descriptions and they were missing. :(

so i just pasted the block comment for the quaked def because I'm a lazy bum! 
When I Think Of Lazy Bum 
I definitely think of Necros 
Installed a Let's Encrypt certificate so the site is now available under

I need to remove that dependency on the external font, can't find where it is referenced though, stupid me.

I will force HTTPS later this year unless people give a valid reason not to. This will lock out some users: 
Font fixed, tell me if there are any other external URLs embedded so I can neuter them.

HTTPS seems kind of forced already, oh well, realistic testing. 
Anyone up for some concentrated editing/structuring session on December 25th? I have no commitments that day. Alternatively some christmas coop? 
So who thinks that Spirit will edit the wiki instead of playing coop? 
Sorry, It's Actually The 26th Where I Am Free 
I will probably rather not do anything and eat lots of chocolate. Offline 
What's going on with the site? Getting 404

Was going to look up the toggle spawnflag and now I have to ask the scary ppl on this forum. 
It is editable again. 
To Celebrate 
I made an entry this morning in command lines section. Will try and contribute regularly. I encourage more experienced members of func also help out - it's a great setup. 
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