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Quake Documentation Project
Quaketree brought up the idea that the community needs to rescue / dig out the information from this forum and other sources and store it in one accessible place.

Others chimed in and most agree that this place should be a wiki. Spirit has suggested Quaddicted, and I personally agree that it's the right place for such a project, but the Wiki over there seems to be limited. Others (Willem, me) have also volunteered to set up such a Wiki.

Let's discuss this idea further in this thread. I think it would be a fantastic thing to have a community Wiki for Quake level design.

UPDATE: there is now a URL:
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Seperate Jobs 
- wiki setup
- add hierarchy/site structure, i.e. create stub pages, good categories, etc. I'm thinking along the lines of

stuff that preacher freq posts
good technique
tutorial section
example setup

bla here


- fill with actual content/knowledge whatever

these could be done by different persons of course, which is the point. 
I'm Eating A Caramel Bar Right Now. Shit's Good 
Quaddicted seems the logical choice. Maybe it needs some work to lay out the wiki better (I had a look and there are some bizarre articles and little organisation to locations of articles) but tbh, spirit has proven over the years to be an obsessive archiving nut job (in a good way) so making Quaddicted a hub for Quake information is probably the best and safest idea.

feel free to copy any of these:

the lighting one in particular would benefit from being in a wiki. I remember when i first posted about it, I think two other people came out with neat tricks I never even thought of. It would be awesome to collect those tricks in one place. 
If needed I could add tagging, then it would be more like MediaWiki. But I always liked a "less pages but more verbose pages" approach to wikis that have 4 lines per page.

My dream was to have pages for all the tools in /tools/, just like /engines/ should have a page for every engine.

Maybe just a new namespace ("directory", "subpath") called /editing/ ? I put some stuff in /tools/, some in /help/. Why? Because it is hard to categorise. megaman for the way. Can you elaborate a bit more on those categories?

I would suggest the [GNU Free Documentation License]( Any thoughts? 
maps category could just go to quaddicted map listing... that's by far the most extensive one anyway and has a good working system to get at stuff easily. 
More On Categories 
I prefer having a few main categories with, for starters, large pages for each topic below. Example:

Level editing
- Entities
- Brushes
- Faces
- Tutorials
- Best practices
- Tools (Editors, Compilers, ...)

QuakeC coding
- Not sure what goes in here

- Pak files
- Wad files
- Textures
- Palette files

- Map format
- BSP format
- Compilers

Engine hacking? 
Here is my category structure, from 98. In case you get some ideas from this as well. 
Oh, It Killed My Indentation 
Modding in general
- palette
- maps
-- .map
-- .bsp
-- editors
-- good technique
-- tutorial section
-- compilers
-- example setup
-- textures
- models
-- stuff that preacher freq posts
- quakec
-- bla here
- Source

and those are the first things that came to my mind.

Also, just lay down a general structure; we can always just change later. Don't overthink things now, the point is to have a structure, so authors that can actually provide content can easily start to fill in stuff without worrying about the structure/sitemap/location. 
You know what? I will setup MediaWiki, get the database dump of , point to it and try to find someone to make it look decent.

That way it is seperate from Quaddicted (I am sure at least some will prefer that, hell I do for the ease of calling it "the Quake wiki"), hopefully appeal more to the modders too and be "the normal wiki software" people are familiar with. Being seperated would also hopefully make sharing full access to the docroot easier.

Sound like a good plan?

The old wikis: 
Damn Good Plan! 
Also I agree with megaman for once: don't over think the structure, we can revamp it once we know what we're doing. 
Hopefully it will be under some sort of GPL so that others can use it freely if they wanted to (non-commercially of course). I've already talked about this when I brought it up originally. 
Any progress here yet?

I personally wouldn't put "wiki" in the domain name, because, even though it will be a wiki, I just don't like the idea of being bound to it that title. Also, it just sounds funny. Sounds puny, or dinky. or or or or

I also would try to get ".com" even though this is a non-profit(.org) project, still you want to try and get ".com" because ".com" is common knowledge and even though you tell people your website address, they still don't goto that address; they either search or try it with ".com" naturally.

Sounds like whatever the domain ends up being, it will be hosted by Spirit, correct? Spirit is the owner of Okay. 
Is great IMO. 
There's Except it's not a wiki. 
Info That Should Be On Our Wiki 
Why Don't We Compromise... 
And call it a quicky? ;) 
wiki is installed and live, I am now trying to get the data of so don't do anything.

Does someone have a close relationship to the Doom guys? Their wiki theme is insanely nice, it would be great to be able to use it. 
Needs to be called Quake Wiki because that's exactly what it is, it tells you straight away and sounds official. 
Professional Artistry To Do 
If someone wants to improve the color scheme, please do:

It the skin, if you want to set it up locally.

I do like the black on white, it is super readable and neutral. If you can create a great and usable "darker" design though that fits Quake better, no doubt it would be used.

Also we'll need a favicon (in big resolutions too).

PS: Starbuck! Starbuck! Starbuck! Starbuck! 
to be darker... and browner. :P 
I forgot to add:

For reference check out 
Spirit! Spirit! Spirit! 
I definitely agree with keeping black on white. Let's keep this shit functional. My vote would go to pretty modest styling actually.

Um, I'd play with the style myself but what's the deal, am I going to have to boot up a server and install mediawiki(?) and then this skin? 
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