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Hi all!

I will be doing streams of Quake at my channel here:

I was having issues with it, but it turns out I have to set it to windowed mode so it can be properly captured. Otherwise you can view the Loading bar or the console the entire time.

I already have a few vids up. I did have some DOOM ones up too, but I didn't save them "forever", so they expired and disappeared.

Anyhow, please post up if you do any streaming!
This should really be a post in the General Abuse sticky thread. Generally on func_ new threads are reserved for topics that will generate active discussions about the particular topic.

I'm sure you will get some responses in GA 
I just didn't want it to get lost amongst the other stuff, but if it's best placed in there, I'll post there now. Thanks for the tip! 
The Quake Streams Are Very Dark 
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