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How Does One Put Maps In Quake?
Hello, I'm real noob when it comes to making Quake maps. I'm using TrenchBoom editor and have some questions:

1. How does one put maps into quake?
2. What is best BSP compiler that will ensure my maps working in quake?
3. How to make texture wads?
4. How to make custom models for players/enemies/etc. (planning on TC mod down the line)
Can you post any mapping questions in the "mapping help" thread here:

Here are some quick answers:
1. Compile the map using compile tools, then copy the bsp into quake/id1/maps. You can then load the map by entering map <mapname>
2. Try Tyrann's latest tools for the most up to date tools around:
3. The easiest to use tool is TexMex, which you can find here:
4. There are various tools for this, but I don't know myself. Sock, Necros, Preach or MadFox might be able to help you, since they have done a fair bit of modelling.

Please ask any further questions in the Mapping help thread. ;) 
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