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Minerva : Metastasis "Special Edition" Released
Minerva is a 4 map episode created for Half-Life 2 Episode 1 and was released in 2007. It has just been re-released on Steam as a special edition with various changes, improvements and bug fixes.

(IMO) It is one of the best custom maps created for Half-Life 2 and you should check it out if you haven't already :)

Download, pics, info, etc - (HL2 EP1 Required)
It really is awesome and you should play it if you didn't already. It's on par with what Valve made themselves - especially the second and third parts. 
What Are The Differences? 
A Few 
Most of them are fairly subtle.

The biggest changes that I noticed were the new music that has been added to a few sections, new special effects and sounds in a lot of places also.

There is also a large compatibility update to the mod as the original Minerva got somewhat broken by an Episode 1 patch that valve released at some point, which made the mod unstable and introduced a few visual errors in things like the waves on the beaches and other areas, these are all fixed now.

There's probably more stuff, but that is what I noticed on my play through. 
Changes Link 
here is a link to the changes - .
Valve actually hired the author (Adam Foster) a few years back, after Minerva was fully released IIRC.
I think everyone waited compatibility with the Source engine edition from EP1 to be resolved - as @daz said. 
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