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Duke Nukem Forever 2013 - Duke 3D Mod
Disappointed by the uninspired, dull gameplay of DNF? Have you always wanted to drive a badass motorbike in a duke game like the 2001 trailer, or do you just want to play something new for Duke 3D? This mod is for you.

Modders Gambini and Mikko Sandt, along with a couple other contributors have released DNF 2013, a Duke 3D episode which is their interpretation of what DNF would have been like had the 2001 version been the game we got. Based on the Eduke32 port.



Download links:
Playing It Now... 
I'm liking it, but some small things annoy me.

I liked DNF and I'm expecting I'll like this. Give it a try if you have Duke3D. :) 
I Want To Try It 
Hmm, I only have an old Mac version of Duke 3D. I'll have to see if the data files will work on Windows. 
My only complaint is the presence of a driving stage. Motorcycle feels extremely good, scenery is pretty, but driving sections will be always out of place in shooter games. Fuck them, actually. They sucked in HL2, they suck here.

Outside from this and couple of bugs, great job people. 
After playing through it I found some parts pretty annoying. Ammo and health were scarce and some things I had to learn by trial and error, there was no path to continue that I could tell.

Overall it wasn't any better then DNF (looks like some areas are designed right from that game) but it wasn't any worse.

Driving stage does kind of feel tacked on. Like the one from HL2 which did suck. :D

For some reason, part way through me playing the game tne engine would start hitching any time a full screen effect would happen. I restarted my machine, game, loaded old save, etc. So when I would be shot the game would hitch and my view would jump. 
sadly not many comments here. im no duke expert but it seems people liked it and the trailer was superb. 10.000 downloads over moddb!

its a good mod with details and humor. EDuke had good settings per default. me liked the drive passage. and i never drove a donkey before lol. i wish it had more backtracking. 
Here's my review for this mod for those interested; 
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