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New Q1 SP QUOTH "Termination Mental"
Hi Guys!

Just a small base map, losely based on E3M1 "Termination Central" by John Romero.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Download ZIP file

Features some nice brushwork and textures, and some questionable ones too.

Anyway, have fun.
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Yes I Know 
but if its not too hard to fix, why not just fix it? 
will play it again with that setting and give some proper feedback. 
Because the .map as itself is a big fuckup from a noob.
Hard, if not to say impossible to tweak.
Guess why it wasnt included in release.
Spent nearly 4 weeks eliminating the leaks in this one, which didnt
made it sexier.
Anyway, i can mail you the mess, if you want to take a look. 
No Thats Fine 
was just wondering if it was an easy fix. Like I said, will try it with r_novis 1 and post back more comments. 
Mfxsp8 was done after this map(numbering is there for a reason).
So you actually tell me my skills at mapping have lowered :(

The button textures i choosed for secrets and progression were bad, i know, not much consistency here.

That open slime area was imo cool design, player can choose different routes to explore(and die). Non linear layout was tbh the best solution in that part.

The contents of the secrets are lame, will improve that next time.

Pyros? They steal armor at first, thats what they do, seeing no big problem there.

Last fight beeing to easy? Well its just the start of an episode, so no epic endbattles, and thats why weaponry is limited. (Yes you read right, episode, got some maps that represent E3 were well, still polishing on some :) )
Anyway, your comments are always appreciated, don�t bother about them beeing too long or sth. Liked your feedback, as it helps me getting less assholish (thanks to negke for that new word in my dictionary...) 
Getting Less Assholish 
is a good trend! ;-) 
1) I thought that even if the base of this map was done before, the rest were done after, getting this released after the other seemed to be proof of that. If you want to simplify things, in my opinion the best points of this one compared to mfxsp8 is the placement and use of monsters. Second * were things that aren't either good or bad.

2) More that about the textures, i do think it causes more problems the lighting and visibility, it catches your attention more some cages than a wall, and those cages are better lighted and are in front of you when you reach the pool, on the opposite part, the button for the silver key is in the farthest darker corner.

3) No problems with the layout there, i liked it, i was talking more about how it is that both ways seemed equal important and mutually excluding at first in a map with one way to go in the rest of it, because the biosuit is in the open.

4) Well, it is more that it is frustrating to loose so much life when you can't avoid it, but if i think it well, considering the YA secret the issue was fixed from the start. So forget this.

5) More that it is easy, it is that the eddies one is harder, and looks more like the end fight. But it is true that there is no rule that says that every map must end on an epic battle.

I will be waiting for the next one. :) 
In 1) i wanted to say ''Second * are things that aren't either better or worse compared to mfxsp6.'' The phrase i used there can create many misunderstandings.

I still have to get used to no having edit function. 
played it without any glitches this time. Some good design but on the whole it seemed a bit random and stuck together.

Gameplay though was quite fun, I didnt mind the pyro spawns and the layout also led to some good non-linar gameplay at times. 
Came up one enemy short on hard skill, after going back through the map looking, couldn't find it.
Found 8 secrets, which range from easy to find, to moderate, but wherever those other 2 secrets are, I cannot even find any clues that would lead me to them.
All in all, pretty fun map, although somewhat flawed 
Finally catching up on quake releases.

On big open spaces: I'm a bit torn about the central, wide open space. I really liked seeing into it at the beginning of the map, knowing that I'd get there later. It's also nice to have variety of space size for different combat. But it did feel a bit empty and less detailed, and left sections within a bit cramped - cutting back to the essentials just so everything fit, not making a claustrophobic experience for the player.

On exploring in slime: I quite liked that there were several sections where you got the biosuit and had to explore under time pressure to find secrets. I did only find half the secrets on the map though, people who are more completist than me might have been annoyed.

On combat: I thought things were pretty well balanced throughout the map. In the wide open sections my nail ammo was under pressure but it never got frustrating, so supplies were pitched just about right. The biggest fight in the map, at the heavy door, was balanced out by the ample cover and the way none of the monsters could navigate through.

So yeah, all-in-all good stuff. The secret defender ambush where your only escape was falling into slime was a bit evil though. Also, a quick tip - if you apply the sliver key flag to both doors in the pair, then they'll still only take one key to open, but you can touch either of them to get it to work. 
thanks for your feedback.
the slvr doors werent "linked" ,
but one(the key door) triggered the other.
Bad design made in a hurry, i know...

learning by error is still the most effective way for me, as it seems.

wanna pt my next one, you're on the list!

and to evryone else, who's got no summer and reads this:

my first approach and goal when throwing brushes around, was rather visual
one. making it look legit in some way,
gameplay was 2nd concern, now i'm smarter, i guess.
its a fine hard balance One must achieve,
i.e. got 2 maps which are heavily detailed and eyecandy allover, but they just suck in
its a pity, they will never see the board of func_ as it seems by now, i'm just done with them, and i went on...

maybe One day.

thats that. 
Linked Doors 
Actually, doors in quake link by default if they are adjacent or overlap! You have to opt out of the linking with one of the spawnflags. It's one of the well hidden little details of quake. 
i dont really understand, explain! 
spawnflag is that? I had to redesign an area of my last map because the doors kept linking together unexpectedly. 
Haha Hi 5th! 
Hows your holiday in revolution going? 
I'm back from Turkey now. :P
I was nowhere near the trouble in Istanbul either, seems like a lot of the Turks in the area I stayed were not supportive of the protesters. 
Kinda Hyped By The Media Here I Guess.. 
anway hope you enjoyed it, its a Nice place to rest...
mapping atm? 
Linked Doors 
When all the doors in a map have spawned, the first thing that they do is try to find any nearby doors. Here, nearby is worked out by drawing the axis-aligned bounding boxes round all the doors and seeing which ones intersect or touch. All the touching doors get linked together, so when one gets triggered they all activate at once. The func_door_trigger which is spawned for non-target/non-key doors is sized to enclose all of the linked doors.

Sometimes this doesn't work out too well: if you have a door which is rotated or oddly shaped the bounding box might be too large, and link doors you don't intend. Maybe you want doors that can operate independently even though they are touching. If so, you can apply the DOOR_DONT_LINK flag (numerical value 4, so the third spawnflag) to a door and it won't link to anything. 
Not Right Now 
I only arrived in the UK yesterday and I have spent most of the day unpacking and uploading holiday pictures on my pc.

I will probably resume mapping either tomorrow or monday when I'm less tired. 
Ahh. .. 
enlighted i am...
so this explains the errors on multi-brush doors i had.
have to Talk to sleepwalkr 1on1 again... 
Yeah, that's a feature that can almost be classified as a bug. 
A Bug 
can be classified as a feature.... 
Without the skiing bug Tribes wouldn't have existed :D 
Tronyn Review 
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