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3 More For ..::LvL
A small update at ..::LvL. Only three downloads in this update, but one of them contains three maps. All are worth checking out but if you are pushed for a single download only, grab "Europa Station" by Kaustic.

* Europa Station by Kaustic
* Solar - AEon's Edit by AEon
* q3Q1pak1 - q3Death, q3Adler, q3Damned by Insane Kid

Videos and a panorama for all.

There are currently 21 maps on the map queue. If you have the skills to write a review, please do. It helps a lot!

..::LvL -
Maps Look Great 
All three maps look great. Now if I could just find a way to get the pak file off my Quake 3 CD so I could actually play them. Kind of hard to do when your laptop doesn't have a CD drive. 
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