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EntityPlus Map "Survival" Released
A new map for the EntityPlus mod has been released. It's called "Survival" and offers something unique.

While the map does not offer a traditional single player experience (as you'd expect from EntityPlus), it does stick to the single player idea in that this is a challenge that you're about to face alone. But instead of progressing through a more or less linear set of rooms, corridors and hallways, the map is designed more like a multiplayer offering. Enemies are there in the form of bots. The twist is that bots will spawn in groups, or waves. A wave consists of a number of bots, all of which have to be shot down in order to progress to the next wave. The goal is to set a new highscore before losing all of your five lives.

Screenshots and a download link for the map can be found here:
Looks Good 
This is a really cool concept. A neat idea would be "zombie" bots since zombies are all the rage right now. Just have them shuffling around ready to be shot. 
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