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New Q1SP: Backsteingotik
Download Link Readme and screenshot.

A towering monolithic brick structure soaked in hot yellow lighting with a skill selection area at the beginning, some crushers and a couple of secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

The map was inspired by the gameplay of E3M5 and features medieval style pickups, some new keys and a couple of powerup models. The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

If you want to play the map with your own engine settings check the readme file for further details.

The map was only tested with Fitz 0.85 and remember to RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
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This map was posted only 2 days after I went for a vacation trip through Europe without any chance of playing it before coming home...

Having finally played it, I can only again say what the others have already said - what a nice map. Nice environment, well-planned monster encounters, and even the sound was used well (I play with the standard Quake soundtrack).

Here's my first run demos:

There are 3 demos in there because I started a new one after the skill selection, and DirectQ bugged out once somewhere in the middle so I had to restart from a save game which unfortunately messes up the monster/secret count, but it was something like 10 missing monsters and maybe 5-6 missing secrets. Easy skill. 
@Mandel, thanks for the demo's, I am glad you finally got a chance to check out the map. I was surprised you choose the easy skill because the way you move around the map you could easily play on normal skill and still have an easy time! 
Is a speedrunner - playing on easy probably makes it more difficult because it gives him less enemies to parkour off of... 
Hadn't played Quake for a while so had fun playing this one. I liked the ambushes; there was always room to move around but if you weren't careful, you'd get surrounded pretty quickly. Didn't die once (on normal) but there were a few close calls. Only found a few secrets but didn't really need them either. Design was nice architecturally speaking, maybe slightly monotonic overall though.

Here's a demo: 
@Mikko, that was awesome, thank you very much. I get the impression you have not played my Q1 maps before because at the beginning you did not notice the visual language. Eventually after seeing several demon textures I sensed you got the connection. I don't care what any indie hipsters say, visual language is king! It was cool to see you use the crushers at the end, the pacing of the arena felt right and it seemed to keep you on your toes. :) 
Visual Language Is Fine... 
but not all secrets are created equally! Despite getting flak for the secrets in Deck I really stand by my decisions to make some of them intentionally hard.

I personally like the way you do secrets Sock, well.... except that bloody double barrel shotgun secret. ;) 
Can't Play! 
in both fitz 0.85 and Quakespasm I get an error about too many edicts. Wtf is going on? :/ 
sorry. I didn't use malloc. Working now. 
210/224, 6/10

I should have played hard maybe, but that was fantastic. Some really nice set pieces (I really enjoyed the room where the floor slides away and forces you down), awesome gameplay throughout that kept me moving all the time, and amazing layout.

I love your secrets. I tend to put various unrelated secrets into my maps, but I really like how you set up some kind of marking that the player has to look for as a clue. It was interesting being able to get so much extra weapons and ammo from secrets and on the start map. I guess the map would have been a lot harder if I hadn't gone hunting for secrets at the start. I couldn't figure out the dbs secret either, though I already had one from the start map so didn't care.

If I play it again, I'll definitely do it on hard, since although I really enjoyed it, some of the set pieces did feel like they could have used an extra tough monster or two. 
@Than, the game play balance is designed without secrets, finding any will certainly make the map easier. I recommend you try the map on hard without any extra stuff, it should be more of a challenge.

Personally I like the fact that the secrets are hinted at, I can't stand hitting every wall with the Axe or looking for walls with texture errors. I do like the extra secret areas, something that necros reminded me to do and it was fun seeing people find them in the demo's.

The SNG trap floor room is one of my favourites because it does something that no one expects plus it was interesting to see how people reacted. That area was originally just the small floor section and the combat was really frustrating, opening the floor seemed like the perfect way to expand the area and make the fight much more interesting.

Opening floors or ceiling spaces is always a cool thing because it changes the combat dynamic and does something unexpected by showing the environment is changing based on player actions. 
I agree that secrets should be hinted at, but I like the way you have a consistent style for the hints, so it's more obvious when there is a secret and personally I get a feeling of discovery even before actually unlocking the secret, then again when I figure it out.

I always add secret hints to my own maps, but they are not often obvious enough. I think this leads to many players spotting an unreachable item or locked door and then trying to hit every light fixture or grating with their axe in the hope that this might do something. If you establish a motif, then players are far less likely to do this.

Anyway, thanks for another awesome map! 
Interesting Points 
Often it's possible to 'smell' certain tells that let you know a secret is nearby.

But there hasn't been a standard for this, apart from the aforementioned wonky texture.

The demon face makes me think of what other types of recurring motif could be used. 
Hidden in plain sight is a good motif. Such as having bars or something that show the secret. 
That's Not What "hidden In Plain Sight" Means 
Sure it is.

If the secret area is plainly visible but inaccessible then it's clearly hidden in plain sight. 
"plainly visible" and "hidden in plain sight" are not remotely the same thing. 
And saying that is not remotely the same as explaning the difference 
hidden in plain sight means that you knew how to get to the secret all along, not just that you can see it. 
it also implies you discounted that solution because it was 'too obvious'. 
spirit, that was much more eloquent. :) 
I Was Thinking Of Plain Hearing, Actually 
Like Zelda... 
i liked what czg did on easy for the secrets. i wouldn't mind hearing more of that. 
Tronyn Review 
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