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Looking For A New Owner For Quaketastic/Shub-Hub
I no longer have any time or interest in maintaining these sites and want to pass them along to someone who does.

At first I thought I could just let them sit and pay the yearly hosting fee ($20 or whatever) but, alas, this being the internet I'm routinely annoyed with phishing files being secreted in, hacking attempts, spam, porn, and other bullshit.

Frankly, I don't have time for it. Every time I deal with this stuff it robs me of time I could be using to do something else.

So looking for volunteers to take these domains off my hands. I'm willing to pay whatever fees to transfer domains and all that. I just need someone to take them.

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I Nolonger Love The Shub Hub??!?!? 
socks blown off
shub hub has had lots of love and will receive such retrospectively
yes for once my complaints get something
thanks guys! 
Thanks SleepwalkR! You score many bad ass points for helping me out. 
Stop Blowing Off Sock! 
Any chance to get directory listings for
What For? 
Thanks SleepwalkR.. 
...but because no good deed goes unpunished, I've got a small favour to ask. Sorry!

On the original site, the link to download the file was

On the new site the link is one directory shorter:

Is there any chance that we could get a redirect from the former kind of link to the latter, so that existing links will go to the correct file? I can change all my blog links given time, but things posted on func_ can't be edited and so will end up broken forever!

Thanks again for getting this working, I'm about to launch a blitz of model releases to celebrate! 
Easier mirroring. 
Preach, Spirit 
Done! Is a similar redirect necessary for 
Not This Time 
I didn't use that domain so I can't speak from experience, but I ran a search for existing usage. Based on the following 4 links, the scheme didn't include the extra directory and links to files on that domain already work as before: 
It looks like all the timestamps were lost! It is easy to use "touch" on Linux to recreate them if they are still save somewhere. They die on ftp uploads AFAIK, rsync protects them with -a. If not, I can provide at least the ones I got in my mirror. 
What do you need from me to fix them? 
If you send me a list of all the files with the timestamps, I can just turn it into a bash script with a bit of regex magic. 
See Irc 
I'm not there atm and don't know when I will be. email? 
I applied the file, thanks. It seems to have worked! 
snuck in a root kit!

Just kidding. Didn't see your lunch post earlier, sorry.

Better check for files of 0 size in case it "touched" where files had been removed in the mean time. 
i miss the multiple upload, hehe;

Nice move from you, and thank you for taking the job from Willem!

(You earned some K�lsch here, i�ll take care �bout that:))

ShubHub is here to last a little longer stay!

touch -cd Tool care of that. 
Good idea! Maybe some time next week. 
Just leave a mail, or me does... 
...would you be so kind as to delete the demo of Ivory I accidentally put on the front page of 'tastic while figuring out the new set up. Ta much! 
So How To Upload Files To The New Quaketastic 
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