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Looking For A New Owner For Quaketastic/Shub-Hub
I no longer have any time or interest in maintaining these sites and want to pass them along to someone who does.

At first I thought I could just let them sit and pay the yearly hosting fee ($20 or whatever) but, alas, this being the internet I'm routinely annoyed with phishing files being secreted in, hacking attempts, spam, porn, and other bullshit.

Frankly, I don't have time for it. Every time I deal with this stuff it robs me of time I could be using to do something else.

So looking for volunteers to take these domains off my hands. I'm willing to pay whatever fees to transfer domains and all that. I just need someone to take them.

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At Any Rate 
Thank you for maintaining the sites for as long as you did! 
You Have A Bigger Heart Than Mine, Negke 
I couldn't think of that, even though that should be the first thing.

Thanks, Willem. 
Can't this stuff be merged into the Quaddicted storage? I assume most of the problems came from the easy access to the file area? BTW how much data storage are we talking about? 
Yeah, Thanks! 
if someone reimplements the functionality in php I'd be willing to take it back to quaddicted (the server, no link breakage). I wouldn't not want to deal with that ugly proprietary perl script anymore either. It sure was fancy back then though :) 
It's around 15-20GB I think. 
How Much Traffic 
Do these sites produce? 
More Thanks 
Thanks Willem for hosting the site to date. I couldn't have got my blog off the ground without it, and you've always been helpful whenever I uploaded anything wrong. 
For those curious, the bandwidth for July was:

9,707.9859 MB

3,968.1213 MB

And you guys really don't need to thank me ... I didn't do much of anything, really. :) It's appreciated but unnecessary. 
I've Got The 'iron' Package On Here:

There's one static site on it(not mine, incidentally, that's on I pay �2.40p per month for this VPS. I know I can host multiple sites on it, it's a LAMP server. My server skills are a bit weak, though I have a mate who could probably help me, what's the time frame Willem? 
I'll Host It On My Server If Noone Objects 
I'll write a new script for it that doesn't allow illegitimate stuff, too. 
Nice One SleepwalkR 
Sounds good! 
That Sounds 100% Better Lol 
Thank you for maintaining the sites for 5 years or so. Time flies doesn't it? Seems like just yesterday to me really ... kinda scary that was 5 years ago (egads !!). 
I'm Also Up For It 
10GB and 4GB sounds pretty low for my server. I also have a CloudFlare account, so I can host them without no hacker interaction.

Never had an attack on 
Sleepwalkr and I are working on it at the moment but thanks for the other offers! We'll see how this works out first. :) 
It's been too long since I updated it but I just remembered that I do have a mirror from december 2012 if someone is looking for older files at the moment: 
Does that archive contain files that are not in the actual quaketastic? If so, we should consolidate them. 
it is a wget mirror I occasionally updated. it is only meant as archival mirror, a safe place, not an actual live mirror to point people to for downloading.

I guess there are files hidden inside it that were removed from the live site later on but if so they should not be re-added. 
Status Update 
The domains and files have been transferred to me and I have set up a new script for Quaketastic to handle uploading / downloading files. I plan to change it so that it allows access by answering a couple of questions which only Quake fans should know the answer of, but until then I'll share a login with everyone:

Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff

You can create new directories and upload files. I'll be notified of everything that happens, so please don't screw around ;-)

If there are any problems, let me know. 
I Nolonger Love The Shub Hub??!?!? 
socks blown off
shub hub has had lots of love and will receive such retrospectively
yes for once my complaints get something
thanks guys! 
Thanks SleepwalkR! You score many bad ass points for helping me out. 
Stop Blowing Off Sock! 
Any chance to get directory listings for
What For? 
Thanks SleepwalkR.. 
...but because no good deed goes unpunished, I've got a small favour to ask. Sorry!

On the original site, the link to download the file was

On the new site the link is one directory shorter:

Is there any chance that we could get a redirect from the former kind of link to the latter, so that existing links will go to the correct file? I can change all my blog links given time, but things posted on func_ can't be edited and so will end up broken forever!

Thanks again for getting this working, I'm about to launch a blitz of model releases to celebrate! 
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