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Quake V1.2.1 For MacOS X
Fruitz Of Dojo have released v1.2.1 of their MacOS X port of Quake, here is the list of changes:

* Fixed a compatibility issue with Microsoft mice.
* Fixed incorrect gamma if the gamma table is larger than 256 entries.

Source and binaries are now hosted on github.

Download: Quakev1.2.1.dmg
Sucks ! 
This app sucks totally, compared to QuakeSpasm, it's not even funny !

I wonder why the developper still works on this app. For Quake1 on the Mac, QuakeSpasm is the way to go. 
There are several things about the Fruitz of Dojo port that are incredibly nice on a Mac. And Quakespasm doesn't have any of these advantages that I think about when using the engine.

And as a faithful to original Quake engine, in that regard Fruitz of Dojo is by definition the better port.

1. Software renderer.
2. Quakeworld client.
3. Better use of several Mac specific features
4. Support for traditional OS X shortcut keys in the way one would expect on OS X.
5. Support for Mac OpenGL extensions.

Unfortunately, in 2013 there isn't much use for a faithful to 1996 Quake port.

A. FitzQuake 666 protocol is required to run the almost all of the best single player releases.
B. In a multiplatform world --- the best Mac engine has to have a Windows equivalent and hopefully a Linux one --- so that mappers and modders can confidently say a certain port is or isn't supported.
C. Certain bells and whistles like autocomplete and the ability to list maps or mods and gamedir change is expected.
D. An engine dependent on command line parameters is essentially unacceptable in 2013.

Fruitz of Dojo is a great original Quake port and from that lens the best and it has extended Mac OS X functionality. ezQuake's Mac port was carved from Fruitz of Dojo and so is ProQuake 4's Mac port.

But as aguirRe's GLQuake engine in particular pushed single player mapping into vastly extended limits back in 1996, and FitzQuake 0.85 incorporated this ...

"Faithful to 1996" Quake engines have limited uses and conveniences to those wanting to play single player releases made in the last 7-8 years.

Which isn't the fault of the authors of this engine. Fruitz of Dojo has several outstanding features. 
While SDL is awesome, it does hide the system specifics from you and thus limits integration with the system as a whole (like click-dragging stuff onto the program to switch mods, etc).

but yeah, a straight port is useless nowadays unless it has all the convienience features people expect. 
I wonder why the developper still works on this app.

Certiainly not to have their efforts slammed in their faces by the likes of you. This port has its merits for the reason mentioned by Baker. I think all 5 of us Mac Quake enthusiasts should be happy about everyone who invests time and effort into Mac Quake projects. 
Heh ! 
@SleepwalkR : While I agree that it's a good thing that there are still some developpers for all Quake related, I don't see the point in releasing an app, in 2013, wich doesn't support all the not-so-new things in Quake ("recent" maps, mods with "non-standard" features...). The OS X specific features of GLQuake (command-H) are really MINOR, compared to QuakeSpasm and the likes.

IMO, the Mac QuakeSpasm app is already VASTLY superior, despite that it's lacking a few OS X features. Maybe the developper of OS X GLQuake should help the QuakeSpasm developpers in "modernizing" QuakeSpasm on OS X, for more OS X features like command-H and a very few other things. 
Heh 2 
IMO, for any "serious" Quake1 player on OS X, GLQuake is a waste of time.

GLQuake is not even able to play all the recent and not-so-recent marvellous maps out there, WTF !? This is really unacceptable in 2013!

What's the point in sticking to the **very** limited old school maps ? 
Dude, look at the amount of changes. This does not look like a big and heavy release, merely some bugfixing. Bugfixing is good! 
Heh 3 
Well, here's actually why I'm a little "upset" at this release :

For several years, I was playing with GLQuake, WITHOUT KNOWING the very existence of QuakeSpasm on OS X.

Each time I tried to play some newly discovered custom "recent" maps, GLQuake refused to play them. I was stuck with my very old maps, without any possibility to play the cool "modern" stuff (maps and mods) that were displayed in several forums (here and elswhere).

Then, just about three years ago (I don't remember excatly when), I discovered QuakeSpasm from this FUNC forum (thanks a LOT guys !). It was like a revelation ! I suddenly was able to play all those superb maps I was missing before. Geez, it literally changed my game play experience, so I trashed GLQuake without any hesitation (it's no longer on my HD).

So, what about other players out there, which may believe GLQuake is the only way to play Quake1 on OS X ?

QuakeSpasm (and a few other engines) should be much more visible to the general public, especially compared to GLQuake which is present on MacUpdate. (QuakeSpasm SHOULD be shown on MacUpdate, by the way) 
This Seems Like A Good Opportunity... suggest a write-up for the Mac OSX section of the Getting Started page on the QuakeWiki, 
that page also says that pak1.pak is optional, we might want to edit the whole thing for clarity. 
Shut up.

[Every engine dev is saying this politely.

Choosing to not means you become my beer post victim for 2 weeks.

Choose wisely.] 
Rants And Raves 
@Baker - Shut up, please. That's what everyone is saying privately about most of your posts on all forums, especially the negative ones. You post like an angry drunk who quotes Sun-tzu and thinks it's cool to do so. You can ramble for pages without saying anything, but it's so negative that it drains the rest of us who read it, you don't represent the community, no one person does.

@Barnak - it's friendly to encourage all engines to release on your favored platform, it's unfriendly and depressing to discourage releases of engines you do not prefer on your favored platform. The Quake community can sustain many flavors of engine, and has done so for a long time, it's not worthwhile to be negative about a particular one, there are always people who want that particular flavor. It is productive to make everyone aware of the flavors available though. 
The Solution Is Simple! 
I wholeheartedly recommend Barnak use DarkPlaces for playing all the latest single player releases!!!

And you think Barnak is pissed now!!! 
@Baker - Shut up, please. Your attempt at sarcasm just makes you look like a fool.

DarkPlaces is one of the better SDL ports out there (not to mention better tested). The fact that it supports more than just .alpha is a major bonus in its favour. 
Well ... 
I have been behaving perfectly: no.

I've been in a pressure-cooker of some very demanding, high intensity, very--very results oriented tasks with precious few hours for any kind of "break".

So I have been very "edgy".

My apologizes to all: Barnak, DarkPlaces, the imaginary debate I didn't have with Tronyn debating map design choices, a theoretical squabble with Shambler and all that! 
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