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New Q1SP: The Horde Of Zendar
Download Link Don't Readme No QUAKE.RC and Screenshot.

Deep within the Grendal Gorge is the City of Zendar, a hodge-podge of stone consumed by madness. The map has a skill selection area at the beginning, a chance to dance on the roof tops and some secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

The map is about trying to capture the vertical essence of Quake, the desire to climb and explore the world while dealing with the minions of Chthon! It features medieval style pickups, some new items and blood soaked ogre backpack! The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

If you want to play the map with your own engine settings check the readme file for further details.

The map was tested with Fitz/QS engines and remember ...
RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
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#152 wins func_ 
3) whatta fuck is goin on? 
thin air (what's the shorter name of this crap?, can't remember)

#152 Speaks The Truth 
The rest of us have just been lying through our teeth to avoid hurting sock's feelings. 
>Great map, Sock.
>No demo from me, since I'm a retard player, playing with God mode and all weapons... 
So you write up a massive review about how much this map "sucks", and yet you were playing with god mode and all weapons the whole time?

You might as well have been blindfolded too. 
I believe he may have been one of those gentlemen of the "troll" persuasion...

Trolls at least need to be funny though - his wasn't. 
That... that was a quote from this thread... 
oh it was too 
Guess What Turns 2 Years Old Today 
Your Girlfriend? 
Holy Fuuuuuuuuu 
You Need Some Ice... 
Nice Try CZG. 
Sadly I don't refer to my girlfriend as "what" unlike you refer to your fleshlight. 
Jesus, 2 years ... what the hell ... 
That tourette syndrom brat.
Anyway, gonna play the map. 
Didn't play it till the end (it's a long journey), but had a great time. I don't have much to add to the comments. I already said I was impressed by true level art people here get from Quake textures. Now I'm impressed with awesome gameplay Sock got from Quake monsters. Suddenly Quake combat felt fresh again, how is it possible? I guess it's about monster choice and placement fitting with level atmosphere and design like a glove. 
This Is Beautifull 
when exit/basement was already open I spotted another SK door on the rooftop (couldn't find proper way to activate lift to get there and had to rocketjump), after that I got paranoid and noclipped everywhere to make sure I didn't miss half of the level hidden in secret room 8) 
Replayed This Last Night. 
Died twice due to dicking around. Then did it properly. Still took me 10 minutes to find the Quad garden. Still an awesome level. So exploration, much wow, etc. 
Useless Demo 
Blast From The Past 
I assume this demo is not from the AD version of the map? 
There's an Arcane Dimensions version of this map? I had no idea! 
There Is. 
It's not an improvement. 
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