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Tester Wanted
Doing some mapping (i even made my own textureset!*) with jackrabbit, planning to do a couple of maps with a certain theme/principle. You might expect a trickster map from me but in fact they will be more puzzle maps, atleast i hope, kind of have to let the "principle" sink in and figure out how to use this in fun ways. But anyway if all goes right i should have a playable 1st map ready tonight wich is intended to be easy to let the player get accustomed to the principle.

would like some feedback on gameplay, and maybe some input how to make the most out of the principle. leave me an email adres and il mail it, then hopefully will have lots of inspiration next weekend to make 2nd map

Oh btw ofcourse not just anyone qualifies:

Player must have:
travelled atleast 3.7 petapixels within the realms of quake
Must have gotten 3.6 quintiliion frags
Must wear pink panties

besides that some mapping experience is a pr�, but i wouldnt mention it unless you want to get bothered by my newb questions:)

* you will laugh at this whenever you get to see the map :P
No need to make a new thread, you can post in the screenshots and betas or mapping help threads. 
sorry about that wasnt aware that was the ways to go, i geuss someone can delete or move this? I did kinda finish my map:) But got way to late :P lots of silly little issues had to redo most 
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