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New Q1SP: RJ Zone
Aka "Secret Progression Zone". It's not trick map, but you will have to use a RocketJump for playing.

Engine with extended limits (and must set max_edicts to 2000)

Use engine with transparent slime.
Final boss is very hard. Save game before her.


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Too Dark :( 
I couldn't see the floor below me for most of the map which made navigating annoying and judging distances for jumps etc very hard.

I like the idea of the map but the implementation left me very frustrated.

I fell into the slime pit by accident because I couldn't see the geometry around that area because it was so dark. The whole slime area then became a giant chore as I would fail a RJ, then have to wait for a biosuit to spawn, then while the biosuit was active, have to run to another section of level to grab and armour and health, then run back to the place where I needed to RJ before the biosuit ran out.

I couldn't even see how the player is meant to get out of that area without performing 3 RJ's (which I didn't have enough health and armour for) so meh :(

Anywa, here is my 1st play demo, although it's not very pretty! 
map made ​​in such a way that takes into account the amount of health. You just could not find the exit. From that place you can out with 1 rocketjump. 
It's nice to know there there is a way out of that area at least. But seriously I can't even see it in the picture you posted :) 
on a .ru domain? oh that'll have to be a virus ;) 
:) No. It's my personal site. All files uploaded through FTP 
Fascinating Experience.

I hope you have as much fun watching the demo as I did playing it. Finding the RJs was a lot harder than doing any of them - and usually a lot harder than finding the marked secrets. It was really a bit dark in places. Some of the details were amazing and the fighting gameplay was very good. 
Thanks for demos )) 
Nice, I like exploration. I even liked the boss.

Ho Boy 
Just email czg. 
Where the fuck are the comments?? People need to be playing this shizzle!! 
Nice one, as usual!
Boss fight was nice, how you made it without custom progs.dat?

������ ���� �����! 
boss falls through func_hurt with negative damage.

��� ���� 
Hey Digs. 
Is there a special method to getting the boss vore into the final trap reliably?? She teleports so much it seems just random as to whether she goes in there in 20 seconds or 20 minutes... 
In the central part of the hall, exists are 4 teleport, which are activated when you run through things ( aid kit, rockets, yellow armor). Then the boss will teleport behind your back. But teleports are low. If you lift the boss on a platform, he can not teleport 
Okay I Get That. 
Cunning set-up. It's a pity that's not made clear to the player (I've played it twice and experimented in that combat for many minutes). 
Didn't Finish 
here's first run demo

seems maps with potential, but weak lighting and weak hits for player make it too fristrating/boring with progression. was unable to finish because got totally lost.

i'd continue, but overall darkness in the level makes me not wanna do that, sorry. nice idea with respawning items, was helpful with mandatory rjumping. 
Hits For Player = Hints For Player 
What Vondur Said 
is pretty much why I also didn't finish the map. It was just too frustrating / confusing / dark. Sorry. 
Too Tricky 
Sorry not my cup of tea, I found it difficult to see anything (pitch black most of the time) in the map and I could not understand where the primary path was suppose to be. 
1. Probably, the main problem lies in the fact that I left a little pointers. I was hoping that the players will be more likely to look up.
2. On the map is almost no those places that do not make sense
3. There's almost no dark places. I noticed that you're shooting in some places, to illuminate your way. And play with gamma 0.8 and I do not need it. You can set a lower value
4. Psychological moment: map has six secrets. But as there is no counter, many do not even try to be careful.
5. and yes, I assumed that the map will be good for research. But probably she was very large. And it was a major problem for this type of map 
"There's no almost dark places" - haha. 
Will Try It Soon 
but on a quickload, its not overly dark at my end. 
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