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A New Map For ..::LvL
Just a quick update today with a single release at ..::LvL. This is a map that I've been working on for way too long. I've focused a lot on the game play, but then I went overboard on the details.

* Battlezone by Tigger-oN

No video or panorama yet - I'll do an update soon.

..::LvL -
Great work, it's one of the most visually polished maps i've seen for q3. 
Judging From The Screenshot 
"that's not Quake 3, is it?"

How the actual fuck did you make Q3 look like that?
The layout seems pretty solid also :)

Anyone else found the dopefish yet? Took a while before I 'saw' it, haha. 
Nice One 
I've updated the map listing to include real screen shots, a panorama and a video. Some people may see a cached graphic for a while.

@Spiney: Not sure if you are serious, but the .map source file is included in the PK3 if you want to know how things were done (like the graphic changes for numbers, rocket splash, etc...) 
actually super cool! Quake 3's shader system does allow for more than what most people have achieved. I'm sure I have seen a few cel shaded maps for instance. 
Reminds Me Of ... 
... when i was making things in 3dstudio in 1991-1992. First time i saw something in 3D in a computer. 
Please Tell Me... 
This was influenced by the Vectrex? 
Vectrex Was After Battlezone 
Vectrex was released in 1982. Battlezone is an Atari game from 1980.

Here is a good example video of Battlezone: 
Re: Battlezone 
For some reason I had totally forgotten about Battlezone in the arcade. I was thinking more of the Atari 2600 version which was quite a bit different. 
Stellar 7, Anyone? 
I Want To Say... 
I played Battlezone when I was a kid & had Stellar 7. The C64 had a couple really neat 3D titles. Echelon was awesome. Back when a game came with a fold out map that was larger then our kitchen table. :) 
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