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[Half-Life 2 Episode 2] Power Struggle
"Power Struggle" is a Ravenholm themed Half-Life 2 Episode 2 level that I created as a bonus level for the "RavenholmVille" mapping competition at


The level is included in the competition mod along with 7 other Ravenholm maps. You can download the mod (71mb) from

Enjoy :)
I need to reinstall HL2... Wait, do you need Episode 2? 
can�t i vote for your entry, DaZ? Thats unfair, as your maps seems to be the most elaborate..

Wow, just wow! 
just read the comments, you are just slow.. 
those shots look great 
Was in episode 1 so why would you need episode 2 to play it?

That being said Ravenholm was probably the worst part of HL2 in my opinion. It just felt like a grind to get through. I can't really say why because it was well thought out, the map was well done and challenging in places but I never liked that part of the game for some reason.

Maybe because it was so out of synch with the rest of the feel of the game. Sort of like Xen in HL1 I suppose. It felt to me like filler that didn't really add anything to the story.

Don't get me wrong though, I still think that all of the HL games are easily in my top 10 favorites but some parts of them are a bit... off topic I guess would be the best way to put it. 
I think Ravenholm was one of the best parts of HL2 (was in the original game, not Episode One btw). Great for the change of pace and variety as well as creepy atmosphere.

The RavenholmVille maps are pretty cool, each of them has at least one good idea or feature. Perhaps somewhat grindy parts in some, as is usually the case with custom maps for an old game, but still better than fighting hordes of combine. Well worth checking out.

Power Stuggle is an excellent bonus addition to this pack. If only for the "Ello Gordon" voice acting.. 
Was in episode 1 so why would you need episode 2 to play it?

There are a ton of (really good) new assets that are added by ep2.

also Daz: god damn nice screenshots; my new desktop! 
Re: EP1 
Yeah, I misspoke there. I did mean the original game.

As to my opinion of the original Ravenholm level that was my opinion of it probably no more than five minutes into the very first time I played through it. Like I said it felt really out of synch with the previous levels (and the rest of the game that followed as it turned out). It probably didn't help that the transition into it was awkward and felt kind of forced, the only reference to it prior to going in was "We don't go there" with no reasons given. That to me made it feel like an afterthought.

As I look back I think that the whole level was intended to force the player to make a lot of use of the Gravity Gun more than to add to the story.

As I said I thought that it was well done from a technical standpoint but it didn't really fit into or add to the story as a whole. 
Looks Nice DAZ! 
I'll try this one out for myself! 
I'd love to play through your entry (not to mention some of the others), but I lack the hardware at the moment. I'm sure your stuff has the solid gameplay and killer visuals one should expect from a DaZ map (mebbe a u2b vid or two would be ideal). 
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