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SM174: Castle Madfox
A tribute or something.

Sort of an impromptu speedmapping session using the textures from Madfox's iconic entry for SM59.
Scampie made a small weirdo map in a properly short time, I got carried away/derped and took forever. Interestngly enough, we both had the same fishy idea independent of one another. Best thing about it: we mapped, yay. Now back to slacking!

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You missed it because there was no announcement or anything, negke just messaged me on steam and said "make a speedmap based on sm59_madfox!" and when I asked which number we were on, he said he didn't know but to "call it sm174" 
Negke, very nice :)
Scamplie, very small :(

ps. Why not write about this event? I would also do the map 
Well yeah, no announcement here, but I did mention it several times in #tf. I just was in the mode of making a map yesterday and my original idea was to simply post it in the SM thread afterwards, but then I asked Scamplie if he wanted to join, because he's always so eager to do mapping...

I've tried to do a mad fox map with these textures several times before actually, but it always resulted in failure. Turns out it's really hard to make such weird maps. Perhaps similar to how hard it is for adults to make authentic-looking abused children's drawings.
Since abstract construction was off the table, my idea was to at least create a normal map with some wicked texture applications and combinations. However, I eventually once more ended up reproducing a conservative style except with purple bricks.

I had a couple more things in mind for this map, but then ran out of time/luck. No 'contemplating new model' joke, and the custom boss I was thinking about didn't work, either.
At least I got to implement the fish idea, although unfortunately the effect is diminished by the water surface. Should have used a solid floor - I recommend luring them up the stairs for hilarity! I tried messing around with the size/mins/maxs values hoping to be able to lift the model up a little, but to no avail. Preach: any insights on this? Possibly other tricks where changing these values becomes beneficial? 

accidentially i overwrote the negke second demo with a scampie's demo

negke's map has a lotsa DM potential 
What Is 
a speedmap session without some silly orbs' speedruns?

the trick towards the goldkey isnt nescesary when outfitted with a good bunnycostume 
what the hell is this...

And using the aftershock textures is the worst reminder of that terrible expansion... 
Honnour For Negscamp Abusing My Nick 
how hard it is for adults to make authentic-looking abused children's drawings.

Love that one!

Would have loved to map for this in the speedmap session.

@5thfant- : I get more of a nostalgic feel of the aftershock textures. You have no idea how I was made a marshmellow fool using it. 
No offense intended. What I meant is it's apparently difficult to overcome certain established standards, for me anyway.

So the textures are from Aftershock? I was under the impression you made them yourself.
Perhaps a proper "abstract maps" SM session may be in order (again)... 
I'd Recognize Those Lush Purple Tones Anywhere 
Aftershock is the shit of my life. Hannes, have you got all of aftershock archived somewhere? There were some maps in there that gave me anxiety attacks and nightmares. 
I Still Have Aftershock... 
Pretty sure you can grab it from or somewhere like that (don't bother, it's shit). 
I'm fairly sure I paid real money for that back in the day. I'm a fucking idiot. 
They also did Juggernaut for Quake2. Picture Aftershock, with colored lighting. 
Turns out it's really hard to make such weird maps.

I agree. sm174 really doesn't capture Madfox. His maps are a fun kind of broken, and unpredictable because he doesn't follow any of what we've all collectively determined are proper conventions, and it's hard to get away from those because we've all learned those conventions innately and unconsciously by feeling them out.

when we connect two spaces with a door, there's the "concept" of a door there as well as a physical one - we make the brushes meet cleanly, and make sure the textures transition cleanly, and that the door is proportioned in a certain way relative to the spaces it connects, and positioned within those spaces in particular way that sensibly respects the surrounding architecture and the relative gameplay importance of the door. Madfox seems to skip the conceptual part - a wall is just a brush dividing two spaces, and a door is just a split in that brush. There is no "door", just a particular pattern of shape we interpret as a door, and therefore find lacking because to us there's so much more you could do with a door.

I'm tempted to try this myself. QTWMFD, anyone?

(sm174_scampie meanwhile just makes him out to be the worst of :( ) 
...that was the most magnanimous, balanced and interesting thing I've read here for some time. Thank you... 
I more or less just made a DMM-like map, with sm59_madfox textures and weird shit. I didn't really mean to make him out as a baddie :(

also, unlike negke who spend most of his day on his map, I spent an hour and went back to surfing the internet. 
clearly if you'd both spent two hours everything would have been perfect! 
- I'm up for another speedmap session to compensate us for not announcing this one so your map would stand out more, negke :D. Abstract is a good theme, but QTWMFD is even better. As long as it is after two weeks, i'll have time for it around that.

About sm174:

- They are good speedmaps, and fun to play, but clearly you haven't nailed Madfox's style, he/she uses some crazy layout and gets the most of blockiness. Maybe Scampie's, if it were a bit larger to see where it is heading for. �Who cares! �They provide some fun, that's all that matters!

- Negke's has a very good layout and some enjoyable combats, and the purple texture fits the towers well, in an otherwordly sense.
It reminded me of sm169_jackfapoff.
You can see that i acted strangely when i got the nailgun, i though the ceiling would crash on my head, or any other surprise. But the biggest surprise was THAT THING at the door!

- Scampie's is a bit strange in the good sense, it is a pity you haven't got more time to work on it.
I suppose that i played it on the way it is supposed to, but i got a doubt: It is that Satan's trick a reference to something or it is just that i had to pay more attention to the messages (i never noticed them till the second attempt), if i wanted to not fall for the trap? 
#23, #27 
nice little pack, thanks guys...
1� demos! 
Neither had I announcements, but I'm not on #tf
and would have liked the participation, just like digs.
At least it isn't my wad file.

I start feeling like DonQuichot who believes
someone has stolen his appartment.

Here are my demo's:

scampy: indeed speed map.

negke: good layout, has a good grip, intriging.
What's that F_Die() head at the door?
It lacks every bouncing box, I hate hellspawn!

Thanks for the maps! 
Madfox doing QTWMD would be a bit redundant ;)

Well, you can compensate yourself with sm175. you have till the 9th of June to submit something. More details on the speedmapping thread. 
By The Way, MadFox 
You know you can press Shift to run in Quake, right? Or even turn on "always run" in the options. 
@cocello- sorry, what's qtwmd? I'm rather abscend minded.

@negke- I'm a scary player, I like to see my oppenent. 
The Theme Of This Speedmap Session 
Quake the way Madfox did. you can see it repeated along this thread. 
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