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Speedmapping Pack 43 Released
Speedmapping session 43 took place a couple of hours ago, and I've got the results packed up and uploaded for your enjoyment.

The authors are Necros, Preach, NotoriousRay, Scampie and myself. There was no theme, and there were no restrictions.

Download the pack here (1.1mb)

[edit: added/fixed download links]
Necros, Preach, NotoriousRay, and Starbuck made singleplayer maps. I was the only one to go against the grain and make a DM map. :P

Necros did your standard 'throw a bunch of monsters against the player' map, but he does it with style and makes it accually beatable. The upsidedown area is great :D

Preach did a small little sp map with Orgo textures. Short and sweet. Looks good, but there's a lack of ammo in the end.

NotoriousRay's map is singleplayer, but there are no monsters! Instead, it's a 'test your skills' type map where you have to perform various jumps. Very cool, but I suck at it :(

Starbuck's map is a linear romp thru a nice looking castle. Would have been better if the keys were placed in side rooms or something instead of just before you got to the doors they opened. Still a nice play thru.

My own map is the greatest old school styled runic dm map ever made in 100 mins. That's all. :D 
Blah Blah Abld 
Necros' was cute, especially the underwater bit and the upside down bit. didn't bother to try without godmode.

Preach's was okayish, it didn't look bad, but it wasn't great either. Once again; a god mode troll is me.

NotoriousRay's was interesting. I managed to pull off all the jumps except I visited the lava god way too many times in the grenade jump room and I couldn't do the final one. (How the fuck are you supposed to do that one btw? grenade+rocket+slopejump off the light pillars?)

Starbuck's was just as memorable as Preach's

Scampie's map is like a witch's cauldron of char-broiled babies; Kinda cool. 
i actually thought my map would be far too easy for most of you guys :-/

my bad

czg you have to gren+rjump, no pillars needed... 
You have put linefeeds "\n" in the title of your SP maps both in sm42 snd sm43. Didn't we discuss before that this prevents save games from working (reloading doesn't work) ? 
man. all maps ruled in their own way. had alot of fun going through them. :) 
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heh, sorry about that..

sorta a force of habit, you have to put them for trigger messages though, yes? (and actually when i was making the latest one, i couldnt remember if it b0rked savegames when you had linefeeds or if you didnt have them, so i just left them in.)

i never really thought anyone would save games on speedmaps anyways :-P (but if indeed this is a big deal, i suppose i could put out new versions...) 
Uploaded Files To The Planetquake Server 
get taken down after a while, can someone mirror it please?
(not on fileplanet) 
pappy-r moved it to fileplanet for me in the meantime :) 
No Need To Do It 
for me Ray; I know how to fix it. I just wanted to know if you put them in intentionally to prevent players from saving ...

BTW, is there a way to get to the exit teleporter in sm43_ray without cheating using a quad RJ? My limited jumping skillz don't seem to cut it ... Wait, maybe a combined GJ+RJ could do it? 
it's a grenade + rocket jump. 
The Ray map I did okay on. it tooka bout 3 tries for the final move. The hardest at first was the jump across lava to black warp. gren jump was cake, only took 2 times. and yadda yadda.

i think we need a chainmap again. Those are swizite. however, yalls are the mappers, and yall can do what yalls want.

Non-FP Link 
could you update the news post with the fileplanet and spawnpoint mirrors instead of the now defunct pq link

on ray map for the first jump you dont need slope, for the 2nd you dont need to jump (kinda hard without jump tho) ;)
for a place where you get GL you can just jump to lava - less damage than gj and faster too :)

btw I made a similar map for SDA
be sure to check the demos to see how it meant to be run at full speed with all the tricks. 
in a place where you have dm2-stylish jump you can do it backward too
at end gl+rl mix isn't neccessary, you can do triple rj (to lamp top, from lamp top and bounce from wall)

you guys shall check old qw-ish map called trick.bsp and try to pass each trick :)
i managed to do that without cheats/help from others, but obviously in QW, not NQ 
Visste Ni Att: 
Cybear �r en slapp fan ! 
that was so confusing. 
Bear: Yes We Knew 
sm43! sup dude!? sm43_scampie, your layout is the basis of the q3 map I've been putting off finishing for the last 4 months! 
Err Haha 
That wasn't me.. just another bear this street has spawned. 
This Bear To Be More Specific 
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