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More Map Packs At ..::LvL
Another map pack focused update for ..::LvL. The UMP releases contain a number of maps for Quake 3 CTF, Team Arena and Threewave. The other map in this update is a conversion of cs_italy from Counter-Strike.

* Unofficial Map Pack 1 by Various
* Unofficial Map Pack 2 by Various
* cs_italy for Quake 3 by OXOTHuK

Screenshots for all the maps in the packs, but only a video and panorama for the conversion.

..::LvL -
Hey Tig. It looks like that download of UMP1 is missing a patch-pk3 that was later released to fix some errors.

The pk3 is ump_media.pk3. You can find it in various spots as, e.g.

Or this version of the whole download has it included: 
Thanks Johnny Law! The download has been corrected. 
Huzzah! :-)

BTW thanks for continuing to post these updates; I usually don't have a comment but I always check them out. 
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