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Q1SP: Castle Kaahoo By Sock
This Koohoo-inspired map, formerly known as sm175_sock, has now gone standalone and is available for download. It's an extraordinary effort with a lot of thought put into it.

Very Nice! 
I Think 
This is a fine example of what a "modern E4" map would look like. 
What's the difference from the first release, some months ago ? 
Doesn't feel too different from the original map. If changes have been made then I haven't noticed. 
Holy Fucknuts 
That looks amazing. Gonna play on the weekend! 
The hazy, muted purple-green of this map reminds me a lot of a certain game about shadows and colossususes 
Comment Reposted From Speedmap Thread 
good god, how is that a speedmap? Granted, there are two small instances of z-fighting type errors so its obviously not typical sock perfection but the main set piece is stunning to look at (great fog colour and coloured lighting once again) and gameplay is very polished and fun. 
It'd be better to consider this a weekend map (like my sm175 map was), rather than something like other speedmaps which are often 'an hour or so' or 'an afternoon' maps. Still speedy! 
The first outdoor area with all the structures high up looked very impressive. The map took me about 11 minutes; I embarrassed myself with the jump part though. Noticed the Quad but couldn't quite figure out when I would have wanted to use it so I ended up skipping it. Demo: 
Fun Little Map 
Some impressive visuals and I liked that even though the map is small, I always had multiple choices as to where I should go next.

Skill 1 demo: 
Skill 3 First Run Demo

like it a lot, it is a great dm potential map
i just can imagine what could've been done with a proper time of level building 
Major Bumping 
Preach continues to catch up with his backlog with another gem from Sock. As usual the visuals are top notch, there's a real nice motif in the brushwork, using the same angles and "inverted steps" in the ceilings (there must be a proper term for that) which ties the whole map together.

The map's centrepiece combines that motif with great contrast in lighting and the fog to great effect. I particularly appreciated how the map gives you an extended revisit to this section, looping around it several times at the end, to get the most out of it.

Combat was all good (once I put my headphones on - the fiends kept backstabbing me before that). The trial of strength(?) was a classic set-up for an enormous infight, and the shamblers on the top layer were well placed as they all seemed challenging but fair to fight safely.

I'm always bad at getting secrets, I only figured out the quad before having the gold key and being ready to exit. I'd also left the trial of faith until that point, so it ended up being just a mopping up exercise rather than a handy shortcut or items cache. Might be interesting to see a speedrun of the map, to see if that route is faster. In the post-game I did find 3 more secrets, but couldn't figure out the locked door or where secret 6 was. 
Fun Little Map 
Excellent as always from sock. Skill 3, 84/84 kills, 4/6 secrets - I decide to commit suicide at the end when looking for the last two secrets, but the map was finished anyway - demo 
Beautiful, intricate layout and nice combat. Excellent map. 
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