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New Version Of Hammer Is Out From Valve

It's out, but you have to opt into the steam beta, download dota 2, then opt into the dlc under dota 2's dlc option, THEN download it from the tools page in your steam library, then launch it from your game library under the tools subsection.

So far it looks a lot more imposing than Hammer and looks more like UDK or something. Interestingly you can resize meshes. The editor still controls a lot like Hammer, although it's a lot smoother.

I think it only works with dota 2 and custom content for that at the moment. There's also information about source 2 in there but whatever.
Heard About This Before. 
Wonder if Valve adds support for the other games too. (HL2,CSGO,etc.] 
WOW! That's certainly different... 
The UI is a real clusterfuck, there's a lot going on that just doesn't seem necessary. It feels like a big boy industry editor I guess, but with that you get all the confusion, obfuscation, and clunkiness...was hoping they would learn a thing or two from trenchbroom :(

from more adjusted users however it is an extremely powerful tool that is incredibly fast to use, but mostly if you focus on prefabs and stuff. 
Could you still make something with TB and then import geometry? 
So I Got To Talk To Valve About It... 
Or at least, Yahn Bernier, creator of BSP who now works at Valve.

I expressed my disappointment that the new Hammer is less embracing of amateurs, hobbyists and one-man-teams than the old Hammer or other editors out and about. I'm sure it's a great toolset, but I'm pretty bummed about that. Oh well, back to TB! 
It's cool you talked to him and all ... but what did he say back? 
Waiting on that reply now, if I get it. 
"Seen, 14:40" 
Oh, I read "talked to" as if you had an exchange with him. What you mean is you sent him an email. OK.

Looking forward to his reply then! 
Talked To... 
I have a story like that: I had New Year's Eve dinner with President Mubarak of Egypt on 31st December 1999 at the Millenium Celebration concert at the pyramids in Cairo.

OK, he was in the marquee next to mine, about 200 yards away, and behind a wall of armed guards three rows deep, and I could not get near his marquee, and there were around 5000 other people there, but we ate at around the same time so we had dinner together. Oh, and he left by helicopter at around 1:00 a.m. and I couldn't leave until sunrise, and I had to get on a coach. But still, we had dinner together.

I have similar stories about Mick Jagger, Prince Charles and the blues singer Jessie Fuller (who most of will not have heard of).

And what has that got to do with Quake you may ask? Well, I used Egyptian textures in my maps that year. (smiley face) 
Theorycrafting Corner With Lunaran 
It's fun watching everyone on neogaf and shit cite that a lot of the dlls have a 2 at the end of their name as evidence that THIS IS DEFINITELY CONFIRMED TO BE SOURCE 2 YOU GUYS.

There's a lot of 'references' to L4D3 in there as well, and that doesn't make this L4D3 any more than it makes it Source 2.

Valve tried to make HL2 an order of magnitude leap over HL1 with incorporation of physics and the most realistic characters they could, and the reason HL3 is taking so long is that they're probably trying to do the same thing. Honestly, if this is Source2 it's wildly disappointing.

What this is, in my equally uninformed opinion, is probably just a reorganized core that's more ideally suited to Valve's messy democratic development. Apparently a lot of the different engine functions are sequestered in their own libraries now, and Dota2 is now operating on Source reorganized a bit to be plugged into that core. Source2, whatever it does, probably exists as other dlls deeper within Valve that haven't seen daylight yet.

Or, maybe I'm wrong and Source2 really is just the same tired old frankenquake code moved into 'engine2.dll.' 
Mike Woodham 
I laughed so much at that comment, hilarious!! 
That Doesn't Sound Right Because.... 
Lord Gabe said: "The biggest improvements will be in increasing productivity of content creation," he said at the time. "That focus is driven by the importance we see user-generated content having going forward. A professional developer at Valve will put up with a lot of pain that won't work if users themselves have to create content."

Also, this this and this
Why the fuck is that guys talking over some Portal and HL2 gameplay? 
Otherwise it wouldn't be a video!

Why write text that can be skimmed, bookmarked, and referenced later when you can make it a cutscene? 
This guy is an olympian at jumping to conclusions. He cites a surreptitious photo of someone's monitor at Valve showing folders with '_imported' at the end of their name as *proof* those games have been imported into the source 2 engine wooooaa

Willem/other pros on this board will know that often the development space on your work machine can get pretty cluttered with duplicates and branches of entire projects because of things like minor but sweeping tool or code migrations, virtualized network folders, quick and dirty backups ... 
Besides any of that, Valve KNOW everything they do will be gone over byte by byte. What's to say they aren't trolling? 
yeah! I mean, if the Illuminati love hiding clues to their plans for world domination in the design of the one dollar bill, what ELSE aren't we reading enough into? 
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