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Maybe Bal Should Finish Those Maps
I have three maps that are most probably coming from a mod/pack. The maps are broken, so I'm looking for the complete mod :


Anyone knows which mod these maps are from ?
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Isnt Bal Just A Fictional French Version 
of Vondur? 
My Dog's Name Is Bailey 
and he likes to eat ice cubes 
Who Is Bal? 
It's U. 
"A simple cube with a zombie in it" could be the theme for the next jam. 
way too difficult metl, it'll take months to finish it 
Yeah if anyone wants to do anything with these maps, cut them up, finish them, poop on them, they can go right ahead. 
I Was Thinking About Doing Something With Them. 
I really don't have the time for it but I was definitely thinking Drake would be the most suitable thing for the medieval maps. Probably because Something Wicked used a similar texture set. 
Holy Cow 
b1rocks blew my off the towers!
I can't believe maps like this are not finished.
They almost broke my mappitude. 
where are they? 
Post #1, Kona 
Are you kidding me ?

Well, Barnak. It is more like one third on teasing, one third on kidding and one final third on ... why not? Noone knows the future 
My Second Message With Link Is Missing. WTF !? 
I posted a second message to give the link to the three maps. I guess a moderator removed it. But WTF !?

Here it is again :

message #9987 from 
Dudes, I'm A Idiot ! 
Okay, I said it first !

My second post is still there. Damn this board engine sucks ! 
Once An Idiot, Always An Idiot. 
There... I said it. Someone had to. 
Dudes, I'm A Idiot ! 
Dudes, Onetruepurple Hates Me ! 
... and yet, I still love him. 
Map Jam Number Three 
to finish an unfinished maps 
If anyone has some finished maps they want me to unfinish for them, I'm always available. 
I've Got One! 
In the old ages whenever people didn't know how to finish their maps, they would just put borders around them with monsters behind. 
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