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Simple Quake Launcher By MaxEd
Posted by MaxEd:

Simple Quake Launcher v1.0

One day I've got tired of editing .bat files to launch Quake maps. I went online to find something similar to ZDL, but for Quake. I haven't found anything usable there (Quake Injector is a bit too cumersome for my tastes...), so I decided to make one myself.


- Small and easy to use.
- Can detect maps in folders and .PAK files (.PK3 support is planned).

Extract SQLauncher.exe into your Quake directory.

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.
NOTICE: if you already have .Net Framework 4.0 or newer installed, you'll still need to install 3.5 version, because newer versions are not backwards compatible with it!

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Agreed. It takes a little while to load and I wish there were a couple more features like load .dem and profiles. Haven't found a better launcher yet.

I also use Nercos' compiler to launch the game a lot by hitting Ctrl+R ;) 
Just Tried This. It's Good Stuff 
Couple of suggestions:

1) Currently - if map is set to [no map] it forgets this when restarted - ideally it should remember to keep the [no map] preference.

2) Please include a tickbox to optionally include all maps in id1/maps as well as the mod-specific maps when you have a non-id1 mod set. 
Map Names 
Is map names not being read/displayed correctly a known problem:
SQL V1.10: 
Fixed long startup times when Quake directory contained lots of maps/mods.
Map titles are now displayed more accurately.
Map titles from BSP2/2PSB maps are now displayed.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I've been hoping someone would come along and make some tweaks to this. 
Great Stuff! 
Pretty glad to see you update this super handy tool. 
Top Stuff MaxED! 
i can load quake stuff manually, but if i go away for a few months, i9 tend to forget how to do it!

QI is pretty good, although it's not perfect.

i will definitely be using this to load up stuff after i complete all the arcane dimensions maps ;)

it looks super intuitive! 
So instead of fixing how the map names look, you have now hidden them altogether? 
Sorry to bring this up here, but how is the Quake 2 n64 to PC thing going? 
So instead of fixing how the map names look, you have now hidden them altogether?
Unless a map is in a .pk3 archive, it's name should be displayed. If it's not, I'd like to see that map.

How is the Quake 2 n64 to PC thing going?
Slowly. You can play the current build (has 7 finished maps ATM) by downloading it from the github, extracting the contents of "Mission64-data-master" folder into "KMQuake 2/Mission64" folder, then running "Launch.bat" from said folder). 
Was It Really A Problem To Begin With 
The map titles in question use special characters to appear as colored letters and symbols in game which usually conflict with regular OS expressions. I'd argue it's not worth the effort of manually adding all those characters to the tool just because very few maps, this case deathmatch maps exclusively, use a non-standard naming scheme; a wildcard character like "?" seems just fine. 
Yeah, except I've already added all those characters to the tool :) 
Map Names 
Unless a map is in a .pk3 archive, it's name should be displayed. If it's not, I'd like to see that map.

All of them: 
Your version is outdated. Download the current one. 
I had some version already on my system already installed and after reading about a newer version downloaded one in the original post, which apparently was OLDER. Heh. Now the names look correct :) 
Maybe Shambler Can Update The Download Link In The OP 
Custom Resolutions? 
Awesome tool. I suggest allowing to edit the resolution apart of selecting one of the predefined ones. I need 1680x1050. 
You can add the custom resolution toward the bottom in the additional command line box. -width 1680 -height 1050 
Not A Request 
...but more of a question for MaxED. Could you add in a way to edit the command line? There are some command line args that need to come before map. I found that in order to play Ter Shibboleth with SQL I had to select "No Map" then +sv_protocol 999 +map shib1

Or is there some other better solution? I am not thinking about power users here. I recommend SQL in posts all over the place for beginners. I had to some digging to get this mod to work with SQL. 
@ Dumptruck_ds 
i think my issue with Ter Shibboleth was relevant to what you just mentioned.

it loaded for me ok in sql, but effed up textures etc.

then i put in:
sv_protocol 999
gl_farclip 256000

then map shib1.

then it was fine.

really love sql though.

i like the filters with the quake injector, but the simplicity/user frindliness of sql makes me happy. 
+map should probably always be the last thing in the command line, so maybe just hard code it to the end? 
Yeah I can't think of a reason to have +map early in the command line. 
SQL Presets 
While I would never suggest making this great lil' program complicated, have you ever thought about saving more than the last ran options to your .ini file... as saved presets?

A lonnnnnng time ago I made "Modrunner95", hehe! My Win95 version of SQL. It allowed saving to the .ini file different settings/options and seemed a good feature.

As far as UI elements go it would only require the addition of a drop down combo box and a way to get a "name" for the preset from the user. A lil' bit of code to populate the box with multiple .ini file entries ofc. 
I agree, this would be pretty damn helpful. 
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