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SM 176 - Quantity Over Quality
The 176th SM pack features Quoth maps by Cocerello and Drew, and a vanilla Q1 map by DOOMer.

Please record demos and leave feedback below!
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Doomer: agree with comments re gameplay, but other than that very good! Like others said if you beefed it up, it would be fun.

Coce: This is very strange and cool. A very STRONG but not quite explicable HL xen/ early custom HL1 feel. Like Shambler said, lots to enjoy here.
You'll hate my demo, since i cheated a lot, partially due to weird trigger push issues (which would have been resolved with a sensible shortcut) but also due to hardcore derpiness on my part. Will post both derpy demos soon. 
And Yeah 
vis didn't work on mine? I am doing something stupid that Negke will be able to diagnose without even playing the map, I'm sure.

Even if you don't play my map, make sure you play the one it exits to. 
Drew's map runs fine in reQuiem on my system.

sm176_coce.bsp uses CD track 2, which is
Check for reference. I guess you have them installed with wrong filenames starting at 1? CD track 1 is the data. 
Music Tracks 
I knew that was the issue, because in Internet there is many namings for Quake tracks, from those that begin at 01 to those that begin at 05. For example, the one that i downloaded for Quakespasm begins at 01, the one that downloaded from in .pk3 (for Darkplaces i suppose) have them named from 03 onwards.

I never cared about the issue too much because there is no way to solve it. How do i know which is the original namings in everyone says its theirs? How can i choose or trust one of them and not the others? And more important, which is the most used naming, the one i should look at because it will make my maps that the most players hear the tracks i want them to hear? 
They start at track02, because they are named after the CD tracks that they came from. I've not actually ever seen a different arrangement, and the common Quake engines don't accomodate any other arrangement. 
My link above has a download link.

The track names as on that page are "teh truth" because they are technically correct and match what would be playing if you had the original CD in your drive. 
Proof And Confirmation 
Now i know why i never found actual proof of the true order or naming of ther tracks: i tried to find them at the CD but they are nowhere to be found, the only files outside the packs that are bigger than 50Kbytes are the .exe files, so i can only think the tracks are hidden in them. Also all the searches outside the Quake installation folder that i can think of don't return results. And yes, that CD has them, if i make a clean install of Quake (i don't have any other Quake installation and nver had in ths HDD) with the CD the game runs the tracks. Where the hell they are?

While we are at it. Does the the 01 track is for data applies to SoA and DoE tracks too? 
the CD-ROM has 1 track of data, that your computer will show, and 10 tracks of music, that will play in a CD player. CD tracks don't show up as files in windows explorer, AFAIK. 
OK, Now I Understand 
never thought of that possibility, that the data would be in CD tracks, i thought of the track 01 as a support of data for the music itself, i forgot about tracks on CDs, as it is been decades since the last music CD or cassette i bought.
Thanks, Metl.

Loaded it in an audio player program, and can see tracks from 02 to 11. Going to change the tracks on my engines right now.

* Spirit, used ReQuiem and, even thought it reports low FPS on Drew's map, similar to all the engines i tested the map on till now, it runs smoothly everywhere, as if there was no difference from high FPS and low FPS. Going to play and record the demo, and upload all of them. Which magic has been used on that engine? 
I'll Have To Check That Engine Out! 
Here are my demos.

Cocerello, I'll definitely play again - will try to remember to provide a demo of 2nd playthrough 
Testing Engines ... 
So far:

Run smooth everywhere: DirectQ, ReQuiem

Run slow: Fitz, MarkV, Quakespasm, Darkplaces

Don't even load the map: Tenebrae2010, EzQuake

And that's all i have installed in this computer. Of course i haven't tried with WinQuake and the rest. 
I Would Love If This Map Became A Benchmark Of Some Kind 
Would really prove that I excel in this theme. 
WTF Drew 
Go polish this up and release as proper map! 

I have a bunch of demos, fitting the theme perfectly i think. Demos

Only Drews map so far.. Man. That was gross..:) 
Thanks for the demo, got some good information from it, but i missed you falling on the hole, the NG was there for that.

Found something strange in your demo. The intermission points you to 0 0 0, instead of what it was intended to do. I replayed the map several times and checked the .map file and it is OK from my part.
The issue is important in this map because it has a setup made for intermissions. I recommend you for the second run you promised to save before exiting the level and to exit it several times, it is worth the time (if it works as it should in your computer).

You'll hate my demo, since i cheated a lot,

Not really, if there has to be hate somewhere it should be more like you should hate yourself, for spoiling the map with cheats. I don't mind what you did.

I Would Love If This Map Became A Benchmark Of Some Kind

It's better to not expect: Benchmarking with games/programs is almost always a bad idea for rating and ranking hardware and software, the info you get from that is fallacious at most. 
At last, here they are.


* DOOMer: the comments are already on the first post.

* Drew: i recorded it another time, and as you can see, died in the last room due to me understimating heavily gugs. Recorded a third, but that one got lost in the oblivion.
You have the dubious honor of having by far my biggest demo, also he first with comments.

Hilariously, playing it on my computer, which is way older than the other one, works fine, not a single moment of slowness in any engine i have. Maybe it has to do with this computer using Windows xP instead of Windows 7 ...

The map is very good, and should be made a proper release. Good amount of ammo/health but needs better placing of it across the map. Armour is overneeded in the first part. Good placing of enemies, if we don't take into account the darkness.

The first part has better layout, more quality and novel gameplay, the second part is more straightforward and simple, more to speedmap style, also fun.

It's biggest downside is the lighting. It is fun if you have to guess the enemies position by letting them fire first, but if it is half the combats like that, loses a lot. I lost way more health to darkness than to the actual enemies or enviromental hazards.

I'll probably play it again to see how i can reach the ring of invisiblity, i forgot about it when playing. 
The intermission camera pointing in the wrong direction is an old issue and happens while playing demos only.

There are even utilities to fix demos which have the issue.

Ifix found here:

Or ConvDem by Bengt Jardrup: 
Hey Coce 
Which engine did you record them with? 
MFX Same Question. ReQuiem? 
Supplementary question - how can I tell which engine to watch in besides experimentation? 
QS Drew 
Supplementary question cannot be answered by me. Experiments seem to work. 
The engine Enhanced GLQuake has the intermission camera fix for demos.

Every engine should implement the fix. 
Used Quakespasm 0.85.10 
For all the demos 
just watched mfx's demos, 4 years later.
I feel bad now, because you really slogged through this thing hahahaha!
Thanks for your persistence mfx, was fun to watch. 
just watched mfx's demos, 4 years later.
I feel bad now, because you really slogged through this thing hahahaha!
Thanks for your persistence mfx, was fun to watch. 
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