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UE4 Whitebox Challenge
As you might know the base game of the new Unreal Tournament has been released and it's playable in multiplayer. Everyone with a current or former UE4 license can develop content for this game.

Your level should only feature basic geometry without textures and must be playable online. Your focus is to create a level that's fun to play without worrying about the visuals. You are free to decide how you are going to do that. Pick your game mode, add whatever you like to make sure that people enjoy playing against each other. Whitebox levels should contain minimal detail but this shouldn�t limit you if you want to go crazy.

This challenge will run from 01-09-14 to 28-09-14. The goal of this challenge is not to win prizes but to get familiar with UE4. We encourage you to submit your map on the Unreal site so that if your work is good enough, you might have a chance that it gets picked up.

A Jam For UE4? 
This might be worth purchasing a license for. 
Sounds Like Fun 
though I'm not a 16 year old in a bedroom in my mum's house with all the time in the world, so whether I'll try to do anything is another matter. Quite interested in the new UT though, so it might be worth checking out. 
I should get on the ball with this; I too own a license - an undreamable thing just a few years ago. Geometry is quick compared to the whole texturing / static mesh / lighting kit and kaboodle, and an opportunities iopportunitiopportuiopportunitiopportu

Phone screwing can't erase, but u get the point! 
Anyone From Here Doing This? 
If so, be sure to post your progress! 
Definitely Considering It! 
Looks like it could be good fun and I'm fairly familiar with UE4 so may jump in and give it a go if I get any spare time. I'll have to give the new UT a play first though. 
I thought I would share some screenshots of the amazing stuff that these guys are developing:

Russel "Castle" Maekim:

Chris "2d-Chris" Kay: 
well... I downloaded the latest UE4 and the UT stuff. No promises beyond that, but maybe this will be an excuse to not be lazy this week. 
Good luck! 
Last Day! 
Last day guys! Don't forget to submit on time! 
UE4 Whitebox Challenge Poll 
Time has passed and you can now vote on your favorite submission. Even if you don't want to vote, be sure to check out the amazing results here
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