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New Texture Batch Conversion Tool

I took the liberty of writing a small tool (Java, cross-platform) that will automatically convert all PNG files in the current working directory to Quake textures, all assembled in a ready-to-use WAD file.

This enables a new texture work flow, where high-res texture sets are used directly as source for WAD files that can be used in Quake map editors.

For instance, I applied this to the TRaK5 texture set:
- map with WAD textures:
- map with original textures:

As you can see, the tool will read _luma or _glow files to automatically generate fullbrights. The tool will also read _norm files and bake in some faked lighting.

The following screenshots show E1M1 with a WAD that was automatically generated from the QRP textures:

I think this isn't quite bad for an automated process (although the sky came out funky). Of course, the WAD files can be manually tweaked after conversion where needed.

The source code to this tool can be found at and is licensed with very liberal terms.

Binaries are available at

I hope that some people may find this tool useful.
very cool! i really like the normals and fullbright baking! I guess this could be used on doom3 textures and such?? 
Dude This Is Epic 
1 - You could really freak some of the old school Quake dudes with the set you generated for E1M1 - it's like the Quake textures but something just seems slightly wrong... or different, I just cannot put my finger on it....

2 - Do you think you would consider making a tool or adding a tool that does simple conversion from Quake 1 .wad to Valve Wad3 format, but with the hlwad extension? Hammer/Worldcraft editor users keep falling on their asses when it comes to converting textures for the editor. O_O

3 - Big massive props! 
Does it force Quake texture size rules? i.e. (All texture dimensions must be multiples of 16.) 
Hey SavageX, Long Time No See! 
Baker was too shy to mention his

But this is Java so yay for cross-platform. And the fullbright generation sounds ace. 
Yes, this tool should work for Doom3 textures. Of course, they'd need to be converted to PNG first (e.g., with mogrify) and be renamed according to Quake naming conventions (for instance, the name cannot be longer than 15 characters).

As for WAD3: Do you mean a converter from Quake WAD to Half-Life WAD, or a similar tool (but targeting WAD3 instead of WAD2)? This for sure would be possible, but I'd have to dive into the Half-Life texture format a bit (how many MIPs? How is the per-texture palette encoded? Are there fullbrights? etc. etc.).

The tool currently does not enforce Quake texture size rules. You will get a WAD with strangely sized textures (the WAD format itself has no multiples of 16 limitation). Perhaps I should output a warning (it does if the texture name is too long). 
how much of the qrp did you convert? 
quake.wad -> .hlwad

AFAIK it's a very similar format in many respects, but the bit-depth is obv. higher.

As long as txqbsp or tyrutis can compile the .hlwads, and Worldcraft 3.3 or Hammer 3.4 & 3.5 can load the textures, then it would be a win :) 
You should really take the time to enforce the texture rules --- you went to all the work to make this, after all.

A tool that creates invalid texture sizes shifts the time and energy to the user.

A good tool minimizes the burden on the user.

One opinion, maybe even wrong.


My old tool doesn't have much to do with this, except that I know of many quirks in texture conversion. It was a decent effort for 2010, but I would do it differently today. 
@forgotten: I converted the complete QRP map texture packs, without the map-specific textures.

I now enforce proper texture dimensions. The tool will now also request that the user provides an output file name, instead of just dumping output into a fixed "output" dir.

Fresh binary at 
I now enforce proper texture dimensions.

Great! There are lots of junkie texture conversion tools out there, what is needed are nice ones that work on all platforms and that you can trust the output! 
I uploaded a new version of the tool over at

One can now specify how strong the dithering should be. Turns out not going overboard with dithering can significantly improve quality, and the default setting are now adjusted accordingly. 
Nothing happens when I run this file. Sometimes I can just see javaw.exe appear and instantly close in task manager but usually not. 
not sure, when I run with java QuakeTextureTool-20141109.jar I get a can't find main class error, but the main class is defined in the manifest and is present... so not sure at all... O_o 
Welcome To 
write once, run anywhere ;-) 
Welcome To 
runs fine on my superior free GNU/Linux operating system!!!11

You guys used the -jar parameter? 
Yes I used -jar from the command line and made sure it was set to launch with javaw.exe" -jar "%1" %* in the registry. So I take it this just doesn't work on Windows?

This is a major problem for me and my map :S Not sure how to continue now since the geometry is depending on what I can do with textures. 
Yeah probably. I will try and see. 
OS X Master Race 
You probably don't want to use javaw.exe since this isn't a GUI tool but a command-line one. I just tested the binary (with java -jar ...) and it works fine on Mac. Sorry I don't have a Windows instance handy to confirm it there. But You almost certainly need to run it from within a command prompt. 
Question: I'm guessing the "slight update to POM file" on the gitHub doesn't warrant new binaries? TY

Your tool works very well. 
No, that change does not require new binaries, this was merely a build system change. 
Is There A Way To Prevent Fullbrights? 
the tool will only place fullbrights if you place a separate _luma file.

So if you have these files

lamp1_luma.png (or lamp1_glow.png)

then fullbright colors will be used where the _luma file is not black. Without a _luma file (just lamp1.png) the resulting texture "lamp1" should not have any fullbright pixels. 
So now I can finally try to make a map with Silent Hill textures? Nice. 
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