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Batch Texture Fullbright Removal Tool
Here's a little tool for removing fullbrights in wad files. It simply processes all mip's in a wad file, remaps any fullbright pixels to the closest non-fullbright color, and saves the result in to a new file. WAD2 and WAD3 are supported.

As a secondary feature, it can save TGA previews of all textures in a wad at a dim light level (with fullbrights at full brightness); run the tool with the '-preview' flag for this.

Windows exe provided, you should be able to compile it on mac/linux by running 'make defullbright'.
I think this is great, but could it be modified to work with skins? Load a model file and modify the skins files, or maybe it could load a pcx file? 
pcx and/or mdl support should be pretty easy to add, will put that on the todo list. 
Cool, I think that will be very helpful. Removing fullbrights from textures that originate from 24 bit colour images can be a real pain. 
Thanks For This 
Definitely a helpful utility.

Does anyone know if there's a version of Mergewad (merges wads and removes duplicate textures) that works with modern Windows? 
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