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Edited due to missing tweet and missing twitter profile.
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Mua Ha Ha Ha Haaa!! 
It Hasn't Even Been Announced Yet 
Deadline - Fuck knows. Start mapping now.
Theme - Swamp maps.

Send your entries to mememe(at)simonoc(dot)com. 
He specifically says replace the trees with rocks and the only real requirement seems to be to have 2 distinct levels. Swamp Maps seems ... presumptuous. 
Its Interesting 
what a pic can imply 
Twitter Account Disabled... Again? 
Oh sock... what's with the emo moves? :/

Whatever the screenshot/tweet was supposed to express, I agree that a swamp theme could be cool. Also still got some hopes for a low gravity themed project some time.... 
Ding Dong The Sock Is Dead. 
func_mapjam4 next week? 
OTP Play Fair. 
Just take it over. Somebody make up a simple theme and do it every 2 weeks or something. Would be fun! 
I think sock is doing this because he doesn't want any of you bothering him and spreading rumors here on func_, but this is just what I believe. 
what was the original thread title and body of this thing? 
'Retro Jam 2' 
'Because we wouldn't want anyone to miss it or anything...' [sic]

http : link to twitter post 
I Wuz Beefed Because There Was A Mapping Session 
exclusive to those who follow Sock on Twitter, I missed it, it felt like a low-blow.

Then I found out there was another one, so i just linked on a discussion thread. That was it.

That in turn beefed Sock so much that he disabled his Twitter profile (or at least that's the way it looks).

IDK, I guess he's passionate....?

I mean I guess he thinks I'm now the scum of the earth, or something, he boycotted us/me/someone by not posting about Retro Jam 1 on Func. I don't know why he did it, he's too PC to ever say anything derogatory about anything with regards to his personal feelings, so if I said something in the past, or behaved a certain way, I don't get to know what it was, it stinks of passive aggression.

I could be misconstruing the whole thing, or acting like a little kid maybe. I really wish he would be open about this, but maybe he takes me for a troll, and we all know how to deal with trolls, so....

Don't call someone a leetist cunt when you know they're already sensitive and easily riled. 
Thanks For Killing Jams, Otp. 
do epsilon next please. 
I'm just gonna start my own RetroJam ... with blackjack and hookers.

he doesn't want any of you bothering him and spreading rumors here on func

Rumors about what? I shut down the "otp thinks it's a conspiracy" BS as soon as it appeared.

Don't call someone a leetist cunt when you know they're already sensitive and easily riled.

This. Lay off your Sock hate, Ricky. I don't approve of holding a jam exclusively over Twitter but I don't hold it as a grudge against sock in the slightest.

Thanks For Killing Jams, Otp.

Your precious QExpo going that bad? 
Yeah I Got Worked Up Easily Too, Oops 
I feel pretty bad about it TBH. I'm sorry Sock! 
Gone Too Far 
I think sock is doing this because he doesn't want any of you bothering him

This is exactly my reason for disabling my twitter account, I don't appreciate this kind of attention, it is not good intentions.

I assumed after all the maps, resources and help I have offered the quake community over the years I would get a little more respect than this thread and the various posts in general.

There was no conspiracy, no slight, no elitist thing going on, I was privately talking with MFX and we wanted to do some mapping together. Next I posted on twitter to see if anyone was around and then an old style speed map session happened. There is nothing stopping anyone here trying other parts of the internet for getting together for mapping.

Also why do I get the special hassle treatment? I hear QuakeOne is running a cool chain map event, why are you not hassling them for not posting on func?

OTP, I know you mean well but sometimes you just go too far. Don't think I did not notice how your demo zip file had a demo for everyone except my map. I have never wished you any ill will but you seriously need to leave me alone and stop making my life miserable.

Func Admin, I am disappointed this thread has been allowed to exist. This is just plain trolling and a joke that has gone too far. I know func can be a rough place, but I always tried to avoid these kinds of confrontations and rarely post in anger at anyone here, I sorta expected the same respect back. 
Sorry, Sock. 
Admin, please lock this thread. 
Don't Let A Few Jackasses Drag You Down, Sock 
Funny how I never thought that this jam on twitter was done to spite func or anything. My first reaction was: oh cool, here's an occasion to make another map. 
I'm Sorry 
That's it, can we just draw a line under it and leave the talking to being about mapping, I can see I've been a prick and I wish I hadn't, I don't want to make this any worse than it is, please close the thread. 
Don't think I did not notice how you have not commented on any new release since jam 2 got released. 
I'm sorry that my criticism makes you feel harassed but that's not the way I see things. 
"I'm just gonna start my own RetroJam ... with blackjack and hookers."

Ahhh, forget the blackjack. 
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