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15 Years Of Q3A At ..::LvL
15 years on maps are still coming in to ..::LvL. This update has some winners and some that are easy to skip. Don't miss Rustgrad.

* Rustgrad by Hipshot
* Sector 9 - The Cytherean Outpost by Kaustic
* Arena Gates by V1979
* No Man's Land (2) by tekros

Videos and panoramas for all.

Hard to believe it has been 15 years since Q3A was released. At the end of the month it will also be 15 years for ..::LvL. Shows you how important it is to allow people to edit your games. Thanks to id Software and thanks to everyone that has built the tools and documented how to do stuff.
15 years in internet time is fucking ancient! 
Also thanks to Tig, and anyone else cranking away at keeping LvL rolling. One of the classic gaming sites and it's fantastic how it's stayed active (and occasionally facelifted).

Your front-page gimmick for this anniversary is pretty great; I'm still refreshing that home page. :-) 
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