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OSX GLProquake. Revisiting / Refreshing The Project.
I had trouble getting this to compile in xCode. For one, it used deprecated SDL functions so I swapped out those namespaces for the new ones. Then it used an outdated Quicktime API that's no longer available for 64 bit machines. So I had to remove that. Then there was something off about the casting in one of the functions so I had to fix that.

After it finally compiled, it's leaking memory and I can't even really open it. I'm no Quake C / Cocoa coder but I figured I could wrangle this. Any advice?
Error Messages? 
Please provide more info. 
Unsupported, but you may find it interesting. Mark V - Mac Requires Mavericks or later - Untested except on my Mac

GLQuake + WinQuake builds. ProQuake aim support, loc support, NAT fix. Contrast support, but no hardware gamma support. 
Is the source of this on version control? I'd like to contribute 
Quake Directory 
Also it says it can't find my quake directory when it's in it 
Set The Basedir 
I set the basedir and still get error:
Couldn't load gfx/palette.lmp 
I forgot that the debug build has an #ifdef DEBUG in it that has a hardcoded testing directory.

I'll build a release build and upload later today. 
You also might find Quakespasm useful, it has mature OSX support:
Both it and MarkV are Fitzquake derivatives. 
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