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Mapcore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest Winners
Hey guys,

So we have announced the winners late last night. I've posted the top 3 below. For the complete overview go here.

1st Place:

Tom "Phantazm11" Perryman


2nd Place:

Greg "Flipout" Ward


3rd Place:

Pat Howard

As Expected 
top 2 are amazing maps. 
Also Scampie 
nice job :) I would have placed you third personally. 
The detailed scores are interesting: 
4th is pretty much what I expected, the places I lost points are absolutely the weaknesses of the map. I lost big points for no ambient sounds, which is real sad because I even had that on my little notepad tasklist and never did it and I feel like a big dummy :D

But yeah! Go play the top three maps (and fKd's map!), those are all very nice q3 maps! 
Overview Link Is Wrong 

*steeples fingers*

Looking forward to trying these out once I get back home after the holidays. :-) 
Have To Say 
the gameplay on Goldleaf is very addictive, even though the looks are a bit uninspired IMHO. 
Not when you're competing with mapcore pro environment artists who can paint an entire texture set at 8:1 texel scale in their spare time, no, but I thought it was really neat how the deft addition of some arches and pediments turned an otherwise colorless batch of evillair textures into a clever theme. Makes a good contrast with the other greco-roman map in the pack, which went for a full-on ionic column colosseum and stumbled hard. 
Yeah There Were A Few Maps 
that were more environment art than DM map. 
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