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2014 The Year Of Quake Sp?
Well I vote for it :)

Seems to be a pretty awesome year for custom maps. A few things that have stood out:

1. Community packs - with an unusual amount of support and dedicate for Jams and other such packs. Coordinating mappers seems to be like herding cats so it's great people have rallied together for cool map themes.
2. New mappers coming through with some seriously good mapping - and some retired mappers coming out of the woodwork with the odd gem. Nice to see fresh inspiration and people taking up the Quake mapping baton.
3. The variety of excellence created - from cutting edge maps pushing the very boundaries of Quake itself, like RRP, to great maps showing just what can still be done with standard textures and monsters (and a bit of help from a skybox etc), like RetroJams.

All of these show just how good Quake SP maps and mapping can be, 18 years on. Even recently I replayed a few of the years releases and I was struck by just how great there were.

Personal shoutouts to: Sock, Skacky, MFX, the Jams, Zendar, and RRP. Big up everyone else too!
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10 Years Is A Hell Of A Long Time To Spend Not Making Quake Maps 
Turns out Marcher was released exactly 10 years ago!

If I was visited 10 years ago by a future me who told the younger me that it would be the last map I'd release for (at least) 10 years, not only would the younger me give himself a good flogging in shame and disgust, but he'd probably get a good kicking from the future me too. I fucking suck.

Seems Like A Cool Thing To Celebrate, Might Update My Blog

Thanks Fifth, I had a look and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little bit teary-eyed. :}

I hate picking winners because there is so much goodness to choose from, and I tend towards collaboration over competition - but I will agree that 2014 has been an exceptionally awesome year for quakery. 
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