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Daikatana 1.3 Patch Updated
The Daikatana 1.3 patch has been updated, you can now remove the two sidekicks, allowing Daikatana to be played like a regular FPS.
Now all we need is something that removes the terrible cutscenes and levels with all the robot frogs and shit. 
And The Rest. 
Wait A Minute 
Why do the posts on that site go from December, 2014 back to January, 2014? 
Yeah, I Was Also Wondering About That 
but I guess the post from January 2014 must have been wrongly time-stamped, as the file linked to in it shows the correct date. 
Sorry For Double Posting, 
but here you may find a more up-to-date patch dated Jan-18-2015. 
Just finished replaying it with your previous patch a few days ago. This could have made that dreary first episode a little bit easier to bear. Oh well, good job. 
Kind Of Funny Story 
One of the Human Head owners told me about how their first project was to do a sequel to Daikatana ... before Daikatana was even finished. And that they were on schedule to actually get done before Daikatana was even released, until the plug was pulled. They were using Unreal, and because the project went unfinished, they still had the license for it so they ended up moving on to Rune. So, thanks to Daikatana taking forever, Human Head was able to work on Rune.


So like TMYK right? 
Thanks Zwiffle 
Nice story Zwiffle! 
Two Games At Once! 
is human head trying to even things out by working on zero games at a time now? 
Even More Daikatana H8 
Like there wasn't enough in the last 15 years. 
Romero Spotted 
Didn't think it was Daikatana hate, just an amusing anecdote. 
I Don't Think Anyone Hated Daikatana 
they were just supremely disappointed in it after all the hype. It still had some interesting stuff, I loved the texture work and model designs, I also loved the weapons they had. Level design left a lot to be desired and some of the earlier monsters were terrible. And the friendly AI sucked.

It promised too much and delivered too little. The Daikatana game on gameboy was amazing though and also I loved ion storms other games (deus ex, anachronox and Thief Deadly Shadows were all very good games). 
But I didn't even say that I intend to make someone my bitch. :( 
Someone on these boards a long time ago, I think Aard, said that "somewhere lurking beneath Daikatana is a very good game." 
"somewhere lurking beneath Daikatana is a very good game."

But I keep my games on bookshelves, not stacked on top of each other...? 
I Thought 2 Of The Episodes Were Actually Quite Good 
2 and 3 from memory. 
Hi all, this is one of the coders working on the DK 1.3 patch.

Yes, it is true that I've added the sv_nosidekicks option ( soon to become a menu option as well ) but I urge those to now try it with the sidekicks. Knightmare has spent a lot of time doing small tweaks to various maps including the node paths to make the sidekicks work a lot better. I also added code for the sidekicks to regenerate health after a bit of idle time, options for no friendly fire (disabled in hard mode), and their health has been increased.

It really is a lot more enjoyable. Instead of fleeing like idiots when their health gets low (which is so rare for something like that to happen) they will stand by and really you can just send them in rooms sometimes and have them clear out the turrets and stuff on hard. There's still quite a few more tweaks that need to be done with the maps. 
@ [HCI]Maraakate 
I've always liked DK, I bought it when it came out here in sweden and I have been playing it several times.

I think it's great what you are doing to the game, it really is one of those good old quake2 engine based games, but it was very unfortunate with all these bugs and issues that it had so much of! 
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