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Skatepark Central For Kickflip Quake
Word up!

I gone and made a map for Kickflip Quake. Only took me a few hours but I personally think the map is fun even though the mod itself is a bit buggy. Tell me what you think :)

Download / Screenshot 1 / Screenshot 2
I always knew I was missing something, now that void has been filled. Thank you. :] 
It definitely needs some maps :) 
Ah, nice to see someone map for one of those old mods. Now, maybe some QuakeRallyand AirQuake maps to complete the circle...? 
Haha... I've thought about it to be honest. This mod is easy to make a simple skatepark though so I'll probably do a few more things for it. Airquake and Quakerally are definitely contenders though :) 
Make A Slide Map stop killing my url post preview :_( 
* A M P E R S A N D ' D * 
Ill have to try the mod first :) 
yeah, i think slide is awesome........actually, it would be even MORE AWESOME to do a slide map with bsp2. talk about marathon downhill..... 
Use Mario 64 as a template?

(I hated those levels, goddamn peach speed star) 
Updated .zip File 
If anyone actually gives a damn about this map...

There were several lighting bugs due to a compiler issue when I made it. I've been looking through my old shit and decided to fix the thing, I also tweaked the texturing on the rails. 
Downloaded this, the Fifth map is better looking than the levels that come with the mod. Fifth's map is very nice.

First time playing the mod, it is pretty ok.

/Slide is better though overall, but Kickflip have certain nice things about it. 
First Time Even Hearing About This Mod... 
...or Slide, for that matter!

TBH, I'm not too keen on trying it because of Q1's very rudimentary physics, but kudos for the effort.

Just out of curiosity, 5th, did you ever make other maps for it? 
Not yet, but I might at some point. There's some decent enough urban texture sets out there, Kingpin might work actually. Can't be that hard to make some skateparks eh? 
I'm not too keen on trying it because of Q1's very rudimentary physics

The time commitment isn't exactly much:

1) Download KickFlip .zip (works with any Q1 engine)

2) Play Fifth's map

I think I spent about 10 minutes.

Slide is awesome. Someday someone will make a single player level like the legendary Scourge of Armagon map "The Lost Mines" # 4 on this list.

... that has the slide hoverboard as an item and you can use it to jump across a broken train bridge ...

.. or maybe there is a castle with a sloped roof top and you can use it jump over a wall to an otherwise inaccessible area.

A slide single player mod would have some possibilities. 
f14m3z was making some slide maps, I made him a rudimentary .def file for the map 
I might try my hand at making a Quake Rally map someday but right now I can't seem to get it to work right, it won't let me move even if I bind the "+accelerate" and "+reverse" keys :/ 
You better use the original Quake engine. Or maybe DarkPlaces.

FitzQuake broke compatibility with a bounding box issue that should heavily impact Quake Rally.

Quakespasm is a derivative of FitzQuake 0.85 and has no fix for the issue. 
Would it work in Mark V Winquake or FTE? I would prefer to not use darkplaces if possible :/ 
Supposedly it might work in Mark V with "sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox_ex 1" set before loading a map. I haven't tried it. I tend to test traditional single player Quake releases first and foremost.

FTE ... is a Spike question. FTE was derived from Quakeworld (similar yet alien to Quake) so I never feel safe making any assumptions about FTE unless I've personally tried it. Hence, I don't know. 
It Does Work In FTE 
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have bots :( either that or the bots don't work in that port. Also you can't see checkpoints in time trials. Does airquake have sp bots 
I half want to see an adaptation that has you gunning players down while on the hoverboards. 
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