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RTCW: Flying Saucers
This mission pack is a fantastic adventure having as background the mystical flying saucers. About Russian soldier whose name Alex Barbariskin must capture the German documentation and deliver the experimental piece of the flying saucer.
Neat, I really would love to create something for RTCW someday, that game was fun :) 
How does this compare with timegate and Operation Vorsichtig? Those are the best for me. 
i played all three in a row. took me a while to get into rtcw again, with all the covering and the hard aim of the enemies in custom mods.

safe to say timegate is always on top. operation vorsichtig was surprisingly good. and this one couldnt reach both. 
Second Level 
Where is the exit for the second Level, I found the documentation and kill all the guys in the underground area, but I cannot find where to use the dynamite. 
Finished this one. This one is actually really good and professionally bulit, not as good as time gate or vorsichtig, but fairly close, about as good as project 51. 
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