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Unreal - Renderer And Texture Replacers?
I'm replaying Unreal, using Kentie's Direct3D 10 renderer, which seems nice. According to its feature list, it's supposed to support S3TC textures, such as the S3TC Stock Unreal Textures Extreme End sets, but the option doesn't turn up in advanced settings - and it doesn't help to add the line manually to the ini either.

Anyone who knows if it's possible to use them together - or if there are alternatives for rendering and/or HD textures?

The latter might not matter so much because the game actually looks rather good, but I'd like to be able to check out texture replacers if nothing else.
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Not Sure About That Particular Rendered 
but I would recommend installing the unofficial 227 patch from :

That patch has a D3D8 and 9 rendered but I much prefer the OpenGL rendered (which used to be previously called the UTGLR renderer). 
oh wow?? i had no idea there was a modified unreal engine?? might be worth replaying some old unreal engine games! 
ohh ok, i see, it's just the renderer portion, not the entire engine. still, maybe this will fix some weird graphical glitches I see when I run those older games. 
UT has one as well, which combined with the Oldskool mod means you can play Unreal maps in UT too (SP that is).

As for other games, I couldnt install WoT on Windows7 so never got to try if it works with that. Pretty sure it worked with Rune but cant remember 100%. 
And Yeah 
the original game renderers do funky things with modern day graphics cards, plus generally dont scale to them either. 
so it's actually been a while since i messed with unreal... turns out I already had a dx10 driver in there, but selecting it in the advanced settings results in an error... i'm not even sure, maybe this is the UT engine?? gods below, i can't remember it's been so long.

i'll have to mess with this tomorrow when i'm not drowsy... 
I'll check that out nitin. The D3D10 renderer doesn't work with the unofficial patch, but I'll try it and its renderer.

I briefly tested running RTNP:UE for UT, but had missing enemies, plus I didn't notice any advantages compared to the Unreal engine (albeit, it was a brief test as said).

Also, the S3TC HD textures do sort of work with the D3D10 renderer, but there are issues - for one thing the reflections seem to be gone. 
Yes, the OpenGL renderer that comes with the Unofficial 227 patch is nice and works fine with the S3TC textures as well. I think I'll go with it. :) 
227 Patch 
+1 for the 227 patch. Ok it means you can now play the game on a modern computer, but also, it has a mutator for the single player game that restores the original weapon sounds.

Remember how at some point Epic "patched" the game to change the weapon sounds into these obnoxious overly loud atrocities that drowned out everything else in the game?

Well now you can play all those wonderful hours of obscure "Oh god what did that button do? Should I press it again?" level design from the 90s, but now with the proper, atmospheric sounds that you remember from the good old days, lovingly restored, and it is very cool. 
I remember the sound changes, wasnt it around the time they tried to make it sound like UT?

arkngt, the main advantage of playing UT with the oldskool mod is to be able to play some of the very finest SP packs that took advantage of UT features :

Operation Na Pali
7 Bullets
Project Zephon
Gryphon Revisited 
Yeah UT Sounds That Was It 
Unreal was pretty ambient and chillax, with all the game's sounds perfectly balanced. UT was exxxtreeeme m-m-m-monster-kill excess, with loud bombastic weapon sounds.

Putting the UT weapon sounds into Unreal was an artistic misfire on a par with those terrible quake mods that add all those weird "updated" weapon noises no doubt sampled at 256-bit, 12 million kHz or whatever the fuck. 
They have more kHZ's, they are objectively better! No more "woof woof" DBS! 
The general feeling here is that the original Unreal weapons lacked any real bass or impact. And they didn't. Most of them sounded like a very polite vacuum cleaner.

So replacing the sounds was an attempt to rectify that. 
Weapon SOUNDS, I mean. Not speaking to the designs or whatever. 
Right, thanks, Nitin, I'll keep both installs so I can play Oldskool UT-mods. 
And thanks for the info on weapon sounds. I'll compare at some point but I chose Classic sounds. 
The general feeling here is that the original Unreal weapons lacked any real bass or impact. And they didn't. Most of them sounded like a very polite vacuum cleaner.

So replacing the sounds was an attempt to rectify that.

Thing is, the weapons were very weak and enemies always took tons of hits before they went down, so having massive booms rattling your speakers continuously as you slowly chip away at Skaarj Number 2853 gets old very quickly. 
I have to say that the game still looks rather nice. This is with the OpenGL renderer and Unreal Extreme End texture replacers: 
The Game Looks Nice 
with standard textures too IMHO, especially with 'deatil textures' turned on. That was always a nifty feature IMHO. 
Sort of, but there's a big difference IMO. And it's a nice texture replacer, sticking close to vanilla while being much sharper and more detailed.

Pffft, looks just as bad as those crappy "programmer art" hi-res textures for quake 
Pointless to argue about taste, but I don't agree. I think it looks very close to vanilla, but much better. Here's a comparison shot with vanilla textures: 
Adding perlin noise to a texture doesn't add detail or make it higher res. Just my 2 cents. :) 
Thanks for reinforcing my point by posting the far superior original. 
Exactly how are the original textures "far superior"?

I mean, they can be technically nicely done, but they are simply too small to look good in 1920x1080 IMO. 
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