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Q1 DM Map - Solarium
Hi there, I've finished a new Quakeworld duel map. It's called Solarium, you can download it here -->

Solarium is a small duel map yet big enough for some fun 2on2s. It's small, fast, fun and I tried to keep the snags at a very low minimum. Please add it to your servers and leave a comment on the forums.

You can still readme+zip this one! 
Yay for broken screenshots!
I don't quite have the setup to play online but it looks good. 
Zip And Screenshots 
you can get the zip file with txt here

and the screenshots are here

screenshot #1

screenshot #2

screenshot #3

screenshot #4

screenshot #5 
"complete With Hideous Distracting Logos" 
Those aren't logos ;-)

Some people may be disturbed when they discover what those logos are, hehe. 
...having the items display that way speed up gameplay? 
from the screenshots it looks very... aerowalk. 
Not Bad 
I feel like some of the walkways and ledges are too narrow and theres pokey out bits you can snag yourself on. When it comes to online DM maps (at least for 90's fps) you need to make sure the floors and walkways are clutter-free. 
Or are at least clip brush'd effectively that the players basically slide over everything.

One of the metrics we used to use back in the day was to run backwards around the map. See where you get snagged. 
Thanks For The Zip! 
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