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OBJ-2-MAP V1.1
So I added a few new features to my OBJ-2-MAP utility and put together a small web page explaining how to use it.

This is a utility that can take OBJ files exported from any modeling app and convert the geometry inside into Quake brushes.

Have at it! I think everything will work.

[edit: updated url]
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Oh My God! 
Google sketchup mapping! 
Let The Brushes Flow! 
Yea this will be interesting for future maps. 
Hosting websites on Dropbox is only meant for short-lived temporary sharing, please upload to Quaketastic or your own website?

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When I get time. 
I've moved the site to my web site. Does this work better? 
Could an admin change the link in the OP? 
Does Geo need to be convex and manifold? 
Now we just need map to obj so as to plug Trenchbroom or Radiant into the UE4 workflow. 
Fixed url 
only if you select standard. If you select the other 2 modes, it will create 1 brush per face.

Going standard and convexorizing your geometry yourself works really well though. 
Minor Request 
when you have a lot of faces to process, this can take several seconds. you might consider adding a progress bar as currently, the window just freezes and the icon disappears from the taskbar until it completes. 
I always meant to do that ... I just never had a case where it took more than a second so I just didn't bother. Heh. 
users will always find a way to break your software, especially if that user is me!

i think the only real weirdness is the way it vanishes from the taskbar while it is working and doesn't reappear until you click ok in the dialog box that pops up when its done. it makes it look like it closed if you bring another application into the foreground and can't see the window anymore. 
It does that? I learned something today. Ha... 
Dot & Comma Confusion 
There is a bug.
In some countries we use commas to separate float part instead of dot, and now it tries to find comma by default on my machine = Exception Thrown.

Easy to fix.
When you parse obj's vertices do CultureInfo("en-US"), like this:

double.Parse(strArray[1],new CultureInfo("en-US"))

It will force Parser to search for dot.

Btw. are you not interested in releasing it as Open Source?
We could improve it! :)

this is something that only really comes up when you're working with this tool the way I am, but it would be cool if you could save settings specific to certain models, so when I convert an obj for the first time, it writes a text file with all your current settings beside the .obj file. then the next time you choose that obj file, it autopopulates the settings into the gui so you don't have to type them in again. 
i'm also a lazy bum, in case you didn't know. ^_^ 
Haha, no, makes sense. That irritates me too... 
I HAVE SOME THINGS TO CLARIFY WITH YOU, i get a deamon back from epic.

thats so cool:) 
Talking To Myself 
i try this one

willem -AT- wantonhubris -DOT- com

Vote for obj2 map, makes your life a breeze!

Now more tris free!! 
I Can Paste My Troubles Here I Guess 
i have had some map files recently that troubled me and my minions. Basically it was a parsing error that stopped all editors from loading the obj2map output.

Modo files works a charme, these hassles came from Z-brush files that were either scaled bad or what do i know.

I dont have a clue right now, i can sent you all assets for a check. Sure. 
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