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June At ..::LvL And A Bonus
Another 4 at ..::LvL. If nothing else, grab Endurance by flipout and set aside some time to enjoy it. This is a great release.

* Endurance by flipout
* The Heinous Place by AndehX
* Deck 2k7 by r3x.theCat
* Block by r3x.theCat

Videos for the first 3 and panoramas for all.

I don't normally share much of my non-gaming life, however I've put together a short video for my 1953 BSA B31 (that's a motorbike) if people are interested.
Super Update! 
Wow, just super maps this time around.

Next to Quake, Quake 2 and Quake 3, the original UT is one of my favorites, so I am loving Deck 2k7. Now if only someone would make a conversion of Morpheus. 
Try This... 
Try MorpheusX by Chainsaw from January, 2000 :]

It includes two maps, one with low gravity or one with the Grappling Hook. 
Oh Wow 
How could I have missed that one.

Thanks Tigger, much appreciated. 
Nice Bike Tig 
is one helluva nice looking map. Not blown away by the Deck 16 redo, looks less detailed than even the UT version 
yeah endurance looks pretty great. Layout seems good too.

I did find one large boulder with no collision, though -- by the SSG. 
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