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Tyrutils-ericw V0.15.1
Hey, I got around to setting up a website for my branch of tyrutils: (complete with lots of screenshots of different settings of AO, sunlight, etc!)
and making an "official" release of it.

Nothing major changed compared with the last snapshot (may 1st), but a couple new things:

* .lux file support from Spike, for deluxemapping
* gamma control with -gamma flag and "_gamma" key
* rename -dirty flag to -dirt for consistency
* fence texture tracing is now opt-in only with the "-fence" flag.
* light should run a bit faster

This doesn't have lit2. Not sure what to do with that, tbh.

If there's a demand for it, I was thinking I could make a tool that upscales all textures in a wad by 2x or 4x, and adds a "-2x"/"-4x" suffix to the names. You could then manually get the higher-res lightmap on certain faces by applying the upscaled texture, and lowering the texture scale to 0.5 or 0.25 in your editor.

The only real disadvantage of this hacky method over lit2 is more face subdivision by qbsp. This isn't great, but it shouldn't be an issue if the hack is used sparingly (and bsp2 can be used if needed for higher face/vert limits.)

Anyway, enjoy, I hope this is pretty bug-free.
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Nice Site! 
I like being able to preview the different light settings with just a click of a button :) 
worst quake site ever, what is this, 2115? 
Under Construction.gif 
give him some time, you..

Nice site eric, i actually learned some new things i wouldnt have with playing around with it. 
I like it. Modern day Quake lighting is insane. It would be totally possible to make a great looking monochromatic level these days. Fuck textures. :) 
nice page ericw. those comparison pictures are really informative. i'm not a mapper, but i'm seriously considering relighting some of the levels in my collection just to see how it would look like.
warrenm is right monochromatic levels would be great. i've just recently finished naissancee and i was impressed. i would love to see something like that in quake. imagine it... black/white level and the only color would be red bloodstains.
I should redo White Room ... heh. 
This All Looks Very Pretty. 
I would like to make a map with all this, but at the same time, I'm too lazy to even make one properly. 
Fgd File For Ericw Tools 
(Consider this a beta as only I have tested it, but it seems 100% bug free!)

I have created a .fgd file with all the new parameters for Ericw's compiler suite built in and some nice quality of life upgrades (rgb color pickers etc) for you all.

Let me know if you do find any bugs or confusing titles etc. USE THE HELP BUTTON AS ALL THE DETAILED EXPLANATIONS OF EVERY NEW COMMAND ARE IN THERE <3 <3 <3 
New Jackhammer, new compile tools, new FDG ... truly, this will be the jam of kings!

Thanks DaZ! 
One quick thing in this new FGD ... monsters don't have directional arrows on them anymore.

Also, lights used to be colored sprites in Jackhammer. Now they're boxes. 
The monsters thing is really weird, I didn't touch any of that part at all!

As for the lights being boxes, I am sure there is a bit of code to tell the editor what sprite to use for entities but I don't know what it is :|

I will investigate! 
by directional arrows you mean in the 3d view? I thought you meant the direction spinner in the entity properties :P

Ok, I'll see where this stuff is so I can add it. 
BETA 2 :) 
* added editor models for all items that have a model
* added direction arrows to everything has a direction (direction arrows do not show when a 3d model is rendered in place of a solid box)
* Lights now have proper sprites and/or 3d models.
* entities now appear in the correct position when clicked into the 3d view (mostly) 
and thx! I think func_detail doesnt need the shadowself and shadow keys. 
I'm not sure how to remove just those two entries from a single func_* entity def. The new solid entity parameters are all inside the base solid entity class. 
There More 
the minlight also doesnt work on them. The whole ModelLight thing can be left out. 
Haha, awesome! I think this marks the first time that I've EVER had actual models show up in Jackhammer.

This is now the greatest FGD of all time. OF ALL TIME! 
BETA 3 :) 
* Additional options removed from func_detail as they don't work
* Re-added func_illusionary as somehow I deleted it :P

Ok, I think it's there! Let me know if you find anything else. 
]@PointClass = info_notnull : "info_notnull (spotlight target)"

This line is incorrect, the correct usage for info_notnull is for "teh hax". 
BETA 4 :D 
* Spotlight angle renamed to Spotlight direction
* Spotlight angle (sets spotlight cone in degrees)

Sorry I had no idea I sucked so bad at this :P Hopefully this will be final version! 
Nah, you're a hero for making this thing. It'll make Jackhammer a lot more fun to use during this jam. You've got my vote, congressmen. 
Does the -lightmapscale command only work in the dev builds? 
that got cut, I guess. See the comment about lit2 in the top post. 
BETA 5 :) 
* Removed setting a default for Deviance as it actually forces the light to use deviance!

This can bring your light compile to a slow crawl so be sure to update if you are using this fgd! 
Texture Surface Lighting Is A Pain In The Ass To Work With. 
Any advice on how to prevent it from creating too much light and containing it at a small fade scale? 
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