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RetroJam3DLC Released
At last, the long awaited RetroJam3DLC is finally here! The pack contains three devilish Runic/Vertical maps by Ionous, negke and skacky, as a continuation of RetroJam3's theme.

retrojam3dlc_ionous requires Quakespasm or other BSP2 supporting engine.

� Download �
� Screenshot �
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Could you post a screenshot? Didn't notice any artifacts myself in qs.
Also could be worth trying MarkV, the latest version should run this map. 
will do both in the next day or so. 
Are you running it on Darkplaces? That happened in a level I did, only in DP. Along with nasty light artifacts also. 
Ionous's Map With All Secrets? 
i managed first run no deaths on nightmare mode [fuck knows how!].

3 out of 6 secrets

i ran out of ammo 2-3 times, and i'm usually quite frugal with ammo!
definitely should provoke more in-fighting to level the playing field on skill 3!

skill 3 seems to work the best if you don't charge in guns blazing, a knife between yer teeth and a red bandanna, i find ;)

c'mon, who's done a demo where they've found all the secrets? 
Btw I Just Realised I Mentioned Skacky Twice In My Comments 
first map comments are obviously talking about negke's map. 
Found 5 
...but there is an elusive 6th, i'm stumped! 
Pietretronne And Nitin 
It never happened to me during testing, but while streaming a play through, I saw the vanishing. What's vanishing are func_walls, back when I thought I fit this in normal Quake limits (foolishly thought, I hasten to add). As for why...I do not know.

DB shotgun
Yellow armor
Lightning Gun

Which one are you missing? 
It Could Be The Yellow Armor 
i know that you get yellow armor later on but it's not a secret, so that sounds like it.
i've definitely got all those others. 
Yellow Armor Secret 
It's in the room below the silver key door, with the big rune textures. It's also poorly designed,in retrospect, so I see why people have trouble finding it. 
found it!!

just that little brick slightly popping out from the others.
these type of secrets are always the hardest to find.

if i didn't say it before, i will now:

i rally enjoyed this map, didn't get lost.

my 1st playthrough was on nightmare and i didn't die once. no quicksaves/reloads etc.

i was rusty as hell, as i haven't played for three years, so it always feels like your skating around on ice :( 
Gib Heads 
This just made me wonder: those of you who played my map, did you encounter any gibbed player heads in the main artrium? And if not, did you notice the blood particles coming down from the spikes?

It's one of those last minute features that initially seem cool, but may ultimately create more problems than what it's worth. 
I didn't notice it, but I am notorious for being terrible at noticing stuff. 
Just Found Time To Play Negkes Map 
haven't played the new retrojam but I guarantee retrojamdlc_negke is 1000x more e4 than all of those maps!

So god damn good and weird. 
You couldn't be more wrong 
The Dlc Trio... 
i can't seem to get the three dlc maps to load and start under Quake Injector... Any help would be appreciated... 
You can download them and install manually. There should be a readme text included. 
If you're having trouble with the Quake Injector, it's a good idea to leave a comment about it on Quaddicted (on the map page of the release in question, so in this case on the retrojam3dlc map page) so it can be fixed. Of course you can install any and all releases manually, but you'd be helping out by posting the problem on Quaddicted. 
You can download them and install manually. 
And Install Manually. 
I'd Install Manually Shabler 
and his whorres 
Wheres Ny Axe 
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