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From Blender To Quake: How Does It Work?
I've always to ask questions regarding modelling and animating in Blender and exporting it to Quake.
I've been known recently about [url=]Shape Keys[/url] for animations, and importing .mdl files directly into Blender (with Bill Currie's MDL addon) helps me scale my models properly. I also have QME to know how many frames one models hold, but still want to know these:

1/What is the method to export shape key frames as .mdl frames? And what is the method to be able to see/chose frames in mdl files in Blender?

2/How can I deal with frame interpolation with Darkplaces? For example, the Super Nailgun rotates fine while shooting, but Zerstorer's Chaingun just distorts like crazy while shooting.

3/Kind of off-topic (but still relevent on the whole export models in quake subject) but how do I prevent Photoshop to turn textures that have the quake palette applied on into noisy pictures?
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