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Mario Maker Thread

So I bought a Wii-U just to play Mario Maker. It's fun so far, wondering if anyone here has the game. I made a course -


If anyone has any courses to share I would love to play and rate them :)
Mario Maker Speedmaps? 
Me Too! 
I bought a Wii-U just for Mario Maker as well as soon as that game came out. Something I've been thinking about is that we should try to make a Quake Maker. I posted about this today in the J.A.C.K level editor thread. Basically I think we should try to lower the bar by integrating a lot of tools and making the functions more user friendly. Providing basic assets like base doors, options instead of integers, and just updating the explanations and making things more simple. Quake single player making and playing is a cool hobby that has a lot of potential. I think it is doable if we talk to people who are expert builders who know what is possible, pick out the right features and tools. I'm even open to creating a fund to pay open source developers if that is what is needed to finish the project. 
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