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i wish things were like how they used to be in 2005-2008. everyone was always working on something neat, and sharing ideas, and talking about politics on terrafusion, and sharing discusting porn... what has happened? where is spog? where is my hommie czg? wheres the random links and chat?
i was a kid when george w bush got elected... you know where i was when he gave his speech? right here on terrafusion. i guess terrafusion isnt important like it used to be anymore... i will call the TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL PICNIC in the spring of 2016. and where the fuck is jago?

i am officially calling to order an international terrafusion picnic schedule for the spring of 2016. those of you who know me probably saw this same type of post a year or so ago. i havent forgot. please give your input of a location.
czg and Jago are still on #tf, and there's still regular games/bs/politics/disgusting porn being discussed there daily. 
People got jobs/wives/families I imagine and couldn't spend as much time watching bukkake porn and talking bollox on irc? 
#tf is still there and alive. please calm down. 
the TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL PICNIC should obviously be held at the INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES. see you there. Spring 2016 
Everyone thought I had given up and forgot huh? well guess what... TERRAFUSIN PICKNICK 2017!!! 
When Where Who? 
czg waits goatse style 
Hmmm, I guess it could be held in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, so it's a similar distance to travel for most people invited? 
A Fitting Suggestion 
I Want To Drown 
Here you have, in the middle of the Ocean you desired. And it is a touristic place to booth. 
I Will Get Drinks 
with anyone in london

I'm Going To Britain This June 
Will be in London for a few days then travel to Scotland. If any one wants to meet and/or drink some booze, give me a shout. 
What The Fuck 
#12 followed by #14 reads pretty cool now 
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