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Hexen II HCC Compiling Utility
Hello! I've been into Q1 and H2 modding for about three weeks now and i've come up with a little tool to help Hexen modders to compile code. For now it only supports HCC from Hammer of Thyrion's MOD (, which can be run in most vanilla h2 engines (tested in HoT and FTE).
The application consists of a simple GUI that can link your progs.src, your output folder, your engine and your compiler to generate (and run) the mod you set up. You can also link a text editor to it so you can edit your code on the fly!


I'm also planning a Q1 version of it. I know there's FTEQCC GUI, but the goal here is a little different...

Any feedback will be apreciated!
Very handy and something that definitely looks like it would help streamline the process. I haven't yet dabbled with HCC, but if I get around to it, this is certainly something I'll try out.

It's always great to see others working on Hexen II related tools and content! 
I Should Try To Do Some HeXen II Stuff Some Day 
I'd really like to make a map or something for this game too. It's been on my list for a long time, but there's the spare time I have left, too.

Anyone here mapped/map for this game and can share the experiences on what it's like? 
gb was doing some hexen 2 mapping a few years ago. You run out of clipnodes a lot faster than quake because it has 5 or 6 collision hulls.
My q1 compile tools support it, I haven't heard of anyone using it though. 
Not My Necro! 
hexen2 is pretty much just a big quake mod. there's some gotchas though, but you can work around them now.

1: its bsp format is slightly different from quake's (as is its progs.dat files).
this means that you need to use special versions of the various quake tools.
either use HoT's copy for an authentic experience, or you can use tyrutils-ericw (its qbsp needs an extra arg to say to write a hexen2 bsp).

2: its .map format has a couple of extra fields on the end of its plane declarations, while you can potentially ignore its different palette (treat it as just an editor's eyesore), the extra fields make quake-only map editors mutually incompatible with hexen2's qbsp.
that said, tyrutils-ericw comes to the rescue there in that it doesn't care (and hopefully you'll find a way to change the editor's palette!).

3: the bsp difference between hexen2 and quake is along the lines of more collision hulls. this means you hit the collision nodes limit much faster.
again, tyrutils-ericw comes to your rescue by supporting bsp2, however (for hexen2) at the moment only FTE and a patched version of HoT (that I made, probably outdated now although the patch is still out there) support it. This may change in time, but until then you are limited to either small maps or few h2 engines.

4: other than that you just need the right entity definitions that hexen2 supports.

For modding, fteqccgui should be able to compile hexen2 mods for general h2 engines if you enable an extra option or two. single-stepping with fteqccgui+fte is quite powerful, but be sure to test your mods in another engine too because the fte engine is still quite non-standard when it comes to hexen2 (I tried debugging someone else's mod recently without using fteqccgui - oh how I've come to depend upon it).
You can alternatively use HoT's hcc instead if you want a more faithful hcc (no need to fix stuff first then!). Whether you use kalango's little gui tool or just set up your text editor to directly run the compiler is up to you (the first line of the .src can be a relative path, so you shouldn't be copying .dat files around).
But yeah, for the most part, hexenc is a superset of quakec. Other than the .dat itself the biggest change (ignoring additions) is that the op_state stuff runs at 20fps instead of 10fps.

So yeah, basically like quake, only different. 
@ericw is bsp2, so at least one person has used tyrutils-ericw for hexen2.
Its not just us! 
Thank You For Helping Out! 
Much appreciated. I'll look further into it when I get the opportunity. :3 
Oh Cool 
need to check out that mod sometime (and play hexen 2.. :)

looks like bsp2 is in the issue tracker for uhexen2:

Also worth mentioning is TB2 has support for Hexen 2 included. 
TrenchBroom Supports Hexen 2 
just sayin' 
Hexen 2 Mapping In TB 
On my to-do list. I would imagine tyr-ericw tools and lighting would do wonders for that game. I always thought it was too bright and needed more shadows. ericw - you should try it. Some fun stuff, breakables, sheep(!) and a catapult. You can even put the sheep on the catapult IIRC. 
Sheep On The Catapult Is Literally In The Game 
The first time you see the catapult it launches a sheep over the wall as a hint to launch yourself next. 
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